With every FitLine product sold, PM-International gives an ‘Hour of Life’ to children and better chances while growing up.

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After various emergency donations and individual projects, PM-International CEO and founder Rolf Sorg and his wife Vicki Sorg wanted to focus their energy on a long-term commitment.

Our partnership with World Vision

Sharing a core value with World Vision gives us the opportunity to permanently improve the children’s lives for a better future step-by-step.

In 2003, we started a partnership with the relief, development, and advocacy organization World Vision. Today, we are their worldwide largest corporate sponsor.

Visit our World Vision sponsorship portal and meet our sponsored children and see how you make a difference!


Together towards a brighter future

  • With our charity foundation PM We Care, PM-International engages in charitable projects for almost 20 years.
  • Long term we aim to sponsor 10,000 children.
  • By sponsoring children, we help their families and entire communities long-term.

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Every child has the right to develop in the best possible way. By doing what we love every single day, bringing the products and our business opportunity into the world, we can make a difference. I am so happy and privileged to be a part of that and I am thankful for everyone contributing to PM We Care.

Vicki Sorg

Charity Ambassador at PM-International

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Aman, 5


Aman, 5, had always been frail, but at one point he weighed below 10 kg and still lost weight every month. He was no longer able to sit up straight on his own, and his appetite had vanished. He was severely malnourished and needed immediate help.

We are making a difference: World Vision supported Aman with a “Food Basket” containing dried grains for six months. He also joined a local early childcare center, which provided him with one healthy meal per day. At the same time, Aman’s mother took part in a 12-day health and cooking program in her village, initiated by World Vision. Trainings where mothers learn hygiene practices and new recipes using locally sourced ingredients that normally get thrown away.

Houen, 14


“ I really love going to school and discovering the world by reading.”

We are making a difference: Thanks to all the donations and sponsorships, we contribute to prepare the children for a future they can create themselves.

Liz, 13


“Every day in the afternoon we go out to play after school, the playground is our favorite place, I play with my brothers and I have a lot of fun with them.”

We are making a difference: Thanks to all the donations and sponsorships, World Vision has built a playground for Yhimz and Liz.

Lucy, 6


“I feel happy with my friends because we are learning to read, I also like to tell stories.”

We are making a difference: World Vision encourages learning in a fun and playful way by generating the habit of reading in children.

Nanda, 19


“I was able to participate in many sports competitions and won several medals thanks to my family’s financial independence.”

We are making a difference: The family of Nanda received a sewing machine from World Vision. Cooperating with a local glove manufacturer, the parents use the support effectively to secure their family’s income.

Together, we’re making a big impact.

Meet our sponsored children throughout the globe