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Life-Changing Opportunities for Kids in Cambodia

Published: 02/02/2018

Children dare to dream big

In Cambodia the sponsored children and their families had been integrated in various programs World Vision carried into effect in cooperation with PM-International. The programs range from kids’ clubs to awareness events and to farming cooperatives. During her trip Charity Ambassador Vicki Sorg visited some of them together with members of World Vision.

Team spirit needs a ball

The “One Goal Football Program” for most vulnerable children is designed for boys and girls and also for children who had to quit school. Through playing football together they learn discipline, team building, self-confidence and a sense of sacrifice for teammates with the goal to provide a better future for them. They received Vicki with enthusiasm, they played football together, got to know each other better and had loads of fun.

Sustainable farming

Next stop? One of the most successful Agricultural Cooperative where farmers organize themselves and create saving groups to help each other out. Actually, hardship and complex social and economic  conditions pushed these rural communities to unity and found the best solution to provide for themselves. In fact, they took the chance and made it happen. To ensure sustainability of soil cultivation the farmers can buy tools or seeds on credit through this cooperative while being trained in diverse farming methods. Thus they become more independent and at least can provide for their families in the long-term.

Home-grown income

On the property of the farmers’ family Ros, Vicki convinced herself of how much communities profit from PM-International’s help. This family was able to build a home, learned how to plant vegetables and gained an income by selling them on the market or to neighbors. They are even able to send their two daughters to school and not have them work to make ends meet. Moreover, they were also able to build a water well and a latrine to provide themselves with fresh water and thus with proper sanitation.

A big birthday party for 117 sponsored children

The birthday party for the sponsored children presented the highlight of the trip. All children came together and were celebrated with a big party, cakes and birthday gifts. The majority of them have never received a birthday present before, so that made the experience especially unique. They made the most of it, playing fun games and enjoying a carefree afternoon that completed a fantastic event.

Give an hour of life – The Charity Shirt Campaign

With PM-International’s Charity activities under the slogan “Give an hour of life”, you will contribute by giving back to those who need it the most and enhance your well-being at the same time. Every product that is purchased from PM-International includes a calculated amount that is automatically donated to Charity. Everybody who purchases FitLine and BeautyLine products contributes to support vulnerable children and their families worldwide and provides them with a sustainable life and future. In cooperation with World Vision programs like the ones mentioned above can be implemented to create life-changing opportunities.

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