Activize Oxyplus

Activize Oxyplus

210.00 RM

120.00 RM / 100g


FitLine® Activize® OxyPlus supplies exactly the active substances which your body needs to produce energy. Activize also helps the body to gain more oxygen and supports the body in providing the body cells with additional vital substances.
  • Optimizes supply of oxygen to body cells
  • Supplies the body with all B-vitamins for improved concentration and performance levels
  • Contains special brown algae, to act as phase transfer catalysts, for better transportation of oxygen to cells
  • Adequate intake of folic acid also reduces the risk of depression, dementia, rapid aging process and even Alzheimer’s
  • Better bioavailability by the exclusive NTC ®
  • Patented (Patent Number: EP 1 293 133 + EP 1 563 743 [May 2008])


Three portions per day between morning and mid-afternoon. Dissolve one measuring spoon (1.7g) of FitLine® Activize OxyPlus in 40ml of still water and stir until dissolved. (One Month Supply)


I work as a logistician alternating between 3 shifts.Until not long ago I had absolutely no more energy and was constantly tired. That changed with FitLine Activize Oxyplus. My result: much more energy and power.”

Christian Anzinger, Mamming, Germany

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