Zellschutz AntiOxy

Zellschutz AntiOxy

278.75 RM

61.94 RM / 100g


FitLine ® Zellschutz Antioxy provides an overall protection for cells that support our body to cope better with oxidative stress and are also an effective anti-ageing substance.

  • Citrus extracts contains natural bioflavanoids which increases the effectiveness of antioxidants team
  • Citrus extracts in the cell-guard team with vitamin C, pro-vitamin A and the trace element selenium are especially effective in the antioxidative network
  • Contains the lipophilic antioxidants in micellized form for better and more gentle absorptions of fat-soluble vitamin E and pro-vitamin A in a water soluble, easily absorbable form
  • One portion of FitLine ® Zellschutz Antioxy is approximately equal to the same amount of bioflavanoids from 1 kg of oranges
  • Adjusted to today’s nutritional requirements through the low glycemic index < 55 and a favourable glycemic load
  • Fresh and fruity taste with popular Florida orange flavour


One portion per day. Dissolve approximately one measuring spoon (7.5g) of FitLine ® Zellschutz Antioxy in 150ml of still water and stir until dissolved.


One of my absolute favorite products is FitLine Antioxy - a hot drink in winter and ice cold in summer. Tastes delicious and has not only brought my immune system from its depth, but also helps me to a beautiful tan.

Claudia Braun-Baudrexl

EN: I have a lot of customer contact professionally, so strong defenses are very important to me. Since I started taking FitLine Antioxy 2 years ago, my immune system has become much stronger and I was spared colds. I'm just excited about this product!

Heike Sanders

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