Optimal Set

Optimal Set

782.50 RM


The FitLine Optimal Set supplies nutrients through the NTC® (Nutrient Transport Concept) up to 10 times faster and through the modular product concept. You can make a difference and start feeling fit immediately, simply by ensuring your cells are

  • supplied with optimum supply of nutrients and vital substances effectively
  • supplied with sufficient oxygen
  • able to detoxify and reduce acidity
  • protected from free radicals



Optimal Set has changed me completely! Not only physically … I rediscovered my good mood. Right from the beginning my body found the comfort I didn’t feel for a long time. I became less swollen up, my skin got prettier it found the right shine. My hair started growing more robust and my nails didn’t snap anymore. The tiredness has turned to energy … finally I rediscovered my smile, I finally rediscovered myself! Thank You!

Patrizia Chiari

I started with FitLine Optimal-Set and I couldn't believe what it was coming up with. I am much more energetic, I do not need naps anymore. Before using Fitline, the muscles were sore for a long time and were cramps and veins often. I love these products that make me feel more balanced and more vibrant! My stomach is also working normally now and my skin has experienced a significant change! Now, I have used these already for 8 years and I recommend them to everyone!

Iina Fiskaali

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