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Rita Pysz

Rita Pysz – Winner sponsoring competition winter 2022


My name is Rita Pysz, I started with PM-International in December 2022 and my current qualification is Manager.
In March 2023 I was able to experience incredible happiness because I won the Winter Sponsor Competition 2023 - 1st place!! From over 100,000 raffles.
The news reached me on a Monday afternoon when my daughter Melanie called and asked me if I had heard the news already. When she told me that I had won the main prize of a trip worth €15,000, I could hardly believe it.
It took me a few weeks to realize this, but I have now been able to redeem my dream vacation and I am simply speechless and grateful for this incredible opportunity that our company offers.
It feels like a dream that has finally come true because with this prize I was able to make my childhood dream possible. My husband and I went to Dubai. This trip was not only wonderful and unforgettable, but also a very breathtaking experience that I would never want to miss.
Dubai offered us some inspiring highlights, including: a visit to the “Butterfly Garden” and the “Frame” as well as the impressive “Burj Khalifa” with its evening lighting and water fountains.
I can't really express my gratitude and joy, it was so emotional and beautiful that I would like to thank this great company for this opportunity.
The next sponsor competition is coming back soon and I wish all of you who take part, that you too can experience this happiness. Believe in yourself, take part in the sponsor competitions and fulfill the dreams and wishes that you have almost given up on.
Thank you PM-International for this fulfillment.

JongWon Kim

Office Worker


PM products are amazing in terms of quality and cost, so I introduced the products to my family and friends.By doing so, I was able to build my own PM Business and to quit my former job.


Hello, I am JongWon Kim. I am 44 years old. I was an ordinary office worker for 16 years, before I started with PM. As I went through frequent night shifts with lots of drinking with my colleagues, my health got noticeably worse. Therefore, one of my friends introduced me to Activize. I loved it right away. PM products are amazing in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness, so I introduced the products to my family and friends. By doing so, I was able to build my own PM Business, and was able to quit my former job. With many helps, my business grew very fast, and I was able to earn more than 1,000 € within just two months. Currently, I enjoy the time and economic freedom that PM was able to grant me. I am looking forward with the future and I firmly believe PM will lead to me to a long-lasting happy life with my family. Thank you.”


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