A successful concept

The Retail distribution system chosen by PM-International deliberately abandons traditional distribution methods and relies instead on direct contact with the consumer. This allows first-hand communication of product advantages and results with customers.

Business Model

A fair and reliable compensation system

PM-International is a unique opportunity for people to make a free-will decision for self-employment with no risk, freedom to choose your work time, and the ability to have a lot of fun creating instant extra income.

The Marketing Plan

A simple and fair business plan to build your own business

Earn your way to the top and take full responsibility for the time and energy you invest into your business. Adapt your new business to your lifestyle and decide for yourself if you want to go full-time or part-time with PM-International.

With the innovative FitLine products and our USE – TALK – DEMO concept, you have everything you need to start your success story today.


Grow with us on a personal and professional level

Success in retail distribution system is not a matter of luck and those who show extraordinary success deserve to be supported in a special way.


Training Program

PM-International will provide you with regular training and sales academies.
These events serve to transfer the know-how and experience of our most successful people, motivate them to further success and support the development of their skills.

Once a year, PM-International organizes very special trainings, our so-called Leadership Training, and World Management Congress, for its top distributors to take them to even greater heights.


Car Program

Starting with the distributor level IMM (International Marketing Manager), you are eligible for the free car leasing program. We offer a company car that can be used for both your business and privately –
at top conditions.

Distribution partners may have the exclusive opportunity to drive the car of their dreams. The higher the distribution partner level, the more upscale the company car can become.

Our exclusive partnership with the BMW Group has been existing since 2002 with 2,700 cars handed over to our Team Partners.

The decision to cooperate with BMW Group was conscious as PM-International and BMW share the same DNA: both are German premium brands operating worldwide with an innovative, dynamic and sportive nature.


Travel Incentive

Join us on a free holiday with ­PM-International’s travel incentives! Embark on the holiday of your dreams and experience amazing beaches, beautiful sunny spots, crystal clear water, unforgettable romantic sunsets, vacations with friends as well as relaxation and experiences at the highest level.


Pension Program

As a family-run company, PM–International takes it for granted that their self-employed distributors are also provided with social security for old-age.

Once you have reached a certain position, you have an opportunity of setting up an additional pension for yourself through us. We will pay half of all your contributions. Depending on the position you are in, this could be up to 1,250 euros a month. Our distributors receive a return on their deposits of over 100 percent.

Why Allianz?
Since 1999, Allianz is our trusted partner with 2,300 actively insured Team Partners. Allianz is a German company and one of the biggest insurance groups worldwide.

Three easy steps to success


Register as a business partner and sell our premium products.


Locate new customers and get them interested in our business model.


Build-up a network and steadily climb the career ladder.

Everything is possible with us, just go for it!


Your future starts here

A great opportunity for more freedom and independence

Join us