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Monica Rizzato

Monica Rizzato


I am 45 years old and have only been a FitLine member for eight months.
I was so taken with these supplements that gave me results that I decided to become a distributor.
This summer, I am proud to have taken part in the Summer Sponsor Competition 2022 and to have won a 3000€ prize.
This is an added incentive for me to continue on my growth path and strive for other important goals.
PM-International is a meritocracy that provides great satisfaction and allows you to grow with the right tools!

Sabine Eichberger

Sabine Eichberger – 2022 Summer Sponsor Competition Winner

Sabine Eichberger - 2022 Summer Sponsor Competition Winner


This year I was extremely lucky to win the main prize in PM - International's Summer Sponsor Competition. When my sponsor called me and asked very emotionally whether I had already seen it or had already been informed, I had no idea what she was talking about at that time. We even compared my team partner number with the list of winners. A few weeks passed, meanwhile, weeks in which I noticed every day how lucky I was. Grateful that I was able to light up my environment with so many lovely, positive people. I am grateful for the new perspectives, humanity, and appreciation I experience daily through this company. Many thanks for this fantastic prize.


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