Terms of use

1. Right to Exchange or Refund
Product returns must be accompanied by a written statement detailing the reasons for the
return and a copy of the appropriate PM invoice (from PM to the business partner). Nutritional
supplements may be returned within 30 days of the date of the invoice and cosmetics may
be returned within 90 days of the date of the invoice. In individual cases, the return period
for nutritional supplements may be extended to 45 days from the date of the invoice. This
goodwill provision is applicable only if the end customer returns a product to the business
partner on the last day of the 30 day return period and therefore it is not possible for the
business partner to meet the 30 day return period towards PM! An exchange or return of
products without stated reason is possible within the 30 day return period for a nominal fee
of 5% of the product value.

For compliance with this period is it sufficient to state the intention to return the goods within the period using one of the following means:

e-mail to: customerservice-usa@pm-international.com or customerservice-op@pm-international.com

Mail to:
P.M. International
Nutrition & Cosmetics Inc.
1012-F Corporate Lane
Export, PA 15632 / USA


PM-International USA
7245 16th St East
Sarasota, FL 34243 / USA

In the case of the return of goods the contract becomes void and monies already paid are returned after the goods delivered have been received by PM-International.

If the goods returned show signs of having been used, or if they have been damaged or opened, we retain the right to adjust the refunded amount.

Possible printing errors and price alterations excepted.

2. Shipping damage
The sender is responsible for any damage occurring during shipment.

3. Shipping Costs Within the Continental USA:
handling is $2.50

shipping is by the pound
Under 5 pound $8.50
5 to 10 pound is $9.90
10 to 20 pound is $14.50

To Hawaii, Alaska and International:
Shipping costs will vary depending on weight and destination. Please check with our order department for an exact shipping quote.

4. Reservation of Proprietary rights
The goods remain the property of PM-International until they have been fully paid for.

5. Payment, Due Date, Delayed Payment
Payment for goods may be rendered with an accepted credit card.
Payment by sending cash or a check is, unfortunately, not possible. We exclude all liability in the case of loss.
Payment is due and will be charged at the time of shipping.

6. Internet Guidelines (Version dated February 25th 2015)

Use of Internet addresses (domain names) to link to the official PM sites is governed as follows.

In general the PM-International brands may not be used in conjunction with domain names (such as, for example www.activize.de, www.activize.com, www.fitline.eu, www.fitline.info, www.restorate.net, etc.).

Use of the PM-International brands in word and image is not permissible.

Use of PM-International brands is permissible in a limited way with an addition, i.e. if many other words are additionally used as a complement (www.fitline-seite.de, www.fitline-einkaufen.com, www.fitline-nutrition.net, www.peters-activize-seite.de, etc.) and the domain links to an official PM Website. Product names are not permissible as a complement (e.g..www.fitline-zellschutz.com). In general, the domain must comply with all legal requirements.

For the sales of products via the Internet the PM Office Shop is available to you. Sales and advertisement using brand names (in word or image) outside of these sites is not permissible, also not in ebay or on similar platforms.

Use in social networks (“WKW“,“studiVZ“,“facebook“, etc.), address portals („yellow pages“, „meine-stadt“, etc.) and “Google-Maps“ are permissible as long as the Teampartner is merely described as a distribution partner with registered contact data. Additions such as for example logos, images, other brands or statements about healing or effective properties are not permissible. In addition, the contents must be legally above reproach (Competition Law, Health Claims, Patent Law, Trademark Law etc.).

It is not permissible to entrench the official PM sites in a frame in your own Website.