As far as quality is concerned, we know no compromise. A far as the level of quality of our products is concerned, PM-International goes far beyond respecting established and required standards.

Our premium nutritional supplement products from the FitLine brand and the cosmetics series BeautyLine have therefore been developed according to the latest, and verified, findings from research and science. Our products stand for the highest safety as far as optimal choice, processing and the bioavailablilty of the nutrient content are concerned and they are manufactured according to the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practice valid for the pharmaceutical industry.

Over 300 million products sold and regularly used by millions of customers worldwide, confirms that we are on the right track with our way of understanding safety and customer satisfaction.

FitLine has become established in top sports
In top sports, demands on quality and safety are particularly high. For years, FitLine has been the first choice for numerous top athletes from all over the World. They are convinced FitLine users who place great confidence in the products to improve their personal, best performance. Their great confidence placed in FitLine is founded to a large extent on PM-International's voluntary obligation to have the FitLine products regularly examined for doping-relevant, anabolic-androgene steroids.
(The "Cologne List" is a list from the Olympic Center on the Rhine, of nutritional supplements with a minimized doping risk and provides more information about this: www.koelnerliste.com)

All this combined makes FitLine and BeautyLine so unique that most of our products have been patented as a logical consequence.
More transparency thanks to regular analyses by TÜV SÜD ELAB
More transparency thanks to regular analyses by TÜV SÜD ELAB