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Distribution System

PM-International does not sell its high-quality nutritional supplements and cosmetics via normal retailers, but only through direct marketing.
This means we sell our products to our distributors and they sell them to their customers who are the final consumers.

The advantages of this system are clear because there are no wholesalers who gain profits and our distributors benefit since their margins are not restricted by profits for wholesalers. In addition and in contrast to the usual retail trade, we do not rely on complex and expensive advertisements. Our distributors' profit from this because PM-International’s products convince by their quality and the money that other companies spend on advertising is given to our distributors through our rewarding compensation plan.

Our distributors do not need costly business space. They can carry out most of their work from home and decide themselves when they want to work. As our distributor, you decide yourself how much time you want to invest in your business activity. For you, this means risk-free self-employment.

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Become a Distributor