Andreas Wilhelm

Tyskland | Nordic walking, - President and Training Manager of the German Nordic Walking Association (DNV)

“I am a sports instructor by trade, and I have been dealing with prevention as part of my job for over 25 years. Movement, nutrition and personal development are all a part of prevention for me. In my position as President and Training Manager for the German and International Nordic Walking and Prevention Association, it is important to me to get people moving and show our trained instructors how to become independent. For me, the body (movement and healthy nutrition) and mind (mental training) are inseparable. Since starting to use FitLine products, I have enjoyed much faster recovery times both in sports and in my normal, everyday life. My immune system has also become much more stable, and I am fitter and perform better”.

I have been using FitLine products daily since summer of 2004, and regularly use FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Antioxy (Zellschutz), Fitness-Drink, Omega 3+E, Q10 Plus, ProShapes All-in 1 and Joint-Health.