This site uses so-called cookies. A cookie is a text file with an identification number, which is transmitted and stored to the user’s computer upon use of the website along with the other requested data. The file will be available for later access and is used for the authentication of the user.
本網站使用所謂的cookie。Cookie是具有標識號的文本文件,在使用網站時將其與其他請求的數據一起發送並存儲到用戶的電腦。 該文件可供以後訪問,並用於用戶身份驗證。

Cookies are plain files and not executable programs, meaning there is no risk to your computer. Cookies do not contain any personal data, so that the protection of privacy is guaranteed. Depending on the setting of the browser, the user can automatically accept cookies. This setting can be changed and the storage of cookies disabled or adjusted in such a way, that the user will be notified when a cookie appears. However if the use of cookies is deactivated then some features of the website may not be available or only available to a limited extent.
Cookie是普通文件而非可執行程序,這意味著您的電腦不會有任何風險。 Cookie不包含任何個人數據,因此可以保護隱私。 根據瀏覽器的設置,用戶可以自動接受cookie。 可以更改此設置,並以這種方式禁用或調整cookie的存儲,以便在出現cookie時通知用戶。 但是,如果停用cookie的使用,則可能無法獲得或僅在有限範圍內提供網站的某些功能。

To determine the user behavior on PM-International’s website, we examine how the user has arrived at our website. This information is collected through the use of cookies. However, this survey does not collect any person-specific data (data through which it is possible to lead back to your identity). Through this anonymous procedure, it is not possible to assign a specific person's respective user behavior.
為了確定PM-International網站上的用戶行為,我們檢查用戶如何到達我們的網站。 這些訊息息是通過使用cookies收集的。 但是,此調查不會收集任何特定於個人的數據(透過這些數據可以返回您的身份)。 通過此匿名過程,無法分配特定人員的相應用戶行為。

If you do not wish for your access device to be recognized through the storage of cookies, then you can set the browser you used to block cookies, delete them from the hard drive, or warn you before a cookie is stored. Most browsers have an option that restricts the storage of cookies or completely prevents it. However, we would like to point out that in this case not all features of our website can be used to their full extent.
如果您不希望通過存儲cookie識別您的訪問設備,則可以設置用於阻止cookie的瀏覽器,將其從硬盤驅動器中刪除,或在存儲cookie之前向您發出警告。 大多數瀏覽器都有一個限制cookie存儲或完全阻止它的選項。 但是,我們想指出的是,在這種情況下,並非我們網站的所有功能都可以完全使用。

Social networks社交網絡

We use plugins from various social networks on our websites.



Facebook is operated by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA and is available under .These individual social plugins are marked by one of the Facebook logos or with the phrase "Facebook Social Plugin". A list with the appearance and functions of the individual plugins can be found here: When you view a page on our website which contains a social plugin, a direct connection to the Facebook servers is made from the browser you are using. The contents of the social plugin is transmitted from Facebook directly to your browser and embedded in its website. As a result we cannot influence the amount of data which Facebook collects through the use of social plugins, and we can only inform you of this through the knowledge available to us: due to the embedding of social plugins, Facebook is informed of the pages you have viewed on our website, even if you are not a registered user of Facebook, or are not logged into Facebook. This information along with your IP address is transmitted and stored from your browser to a server of Facebook in the US. As a result of the information from Facebook, only an anonymous IP address is stored for non-registered users in Germany. If you are logged into Facebook, then Facebook can directly allocate the accessing of our website to your Facebook account. Facebook receives information about your visit to our website regardless of whether or not you interact with the social plug-ins. When you interact with the social plug-ins, for example by clicking on the "Like” icon or leaving a comment, the relevant information from your browser is directly transmitted to and stored by Facebook. The information is also published on Facebook and can be seen by your Facebook friends. Please refer to Facebook’s privacy policy which can be found under in order to see more information about the purpose and scope of the data collected and its further processing and use of data by Facebook, including your rights and options in order to protect your privacy. If you are a registered user of Facebook, and do not want Facebook to collect data about you via our website or to link your member information stored on Facebook, then you must log out of Facebook before you visit our website. It is also possible to block the social plug-ins with Add-Ons for your browser.
Facebook由Facebook Inc.,1601 S. California Ave,Palo Alto,CA 94304,USA運營,可在under www.facebook.com下獲得。這些個人社交插件由一個Facebook標誌或短語“Facebook Social Plugin”標記。 可以在此處找到具有各個插件的外觀和功能的列表 。當您在我們的網站上查看包含社交插件的頁面時,可以從您正在使用的瀏覽器直接連接到Facebook服務器。 社交插件的內容從Facebook直接傳輸到您的瀏覽器並嵌入其網站。 因此,我們不能透過使用社交插件來影響Facebook收集的數據量,我們只能透過我們可用的訊息告知您:由於嵌入了社交插件,Facebook會被告知您的頁面已經在我們的網站上拜訪過,即使您不是Facebook的註冊用戶,或者沒有登入Facebook。 此訊息以及您的IP位址將從您的瀏覽器傳輸並存儲到美國的Facebook服務器。 由於來自Facebook的訊息,僅為德國的非註冊用戶存儲匿名IP位址。如果您登入Facebook,那麼Facebook可以直接將我們網站的訪問分配到您的Facebook帳戶。 無論您是否與社交插件進行交互,Facebook都會收到有關您訪問我們網站的信息。 當您與社交插件交互時,例如透過點擊“讚”圖標或發表評論,您的瀏覽器中的相關信息將直接傳輸到Facebook並由其存儲。該訊息也發佈在Facebook上,您的Facebook好友可以看到。 請參閱Facebook的隱私政策,該政策可在 連結找到,以便查看有關所收集數據的目的和範圍及其對Facebook進一步處理和使用數據的更多訊息,包括您的權利和選擇,以保護您的隱私。 如果您是Facebook的註冊用戶,並且不希望Facebook透過我們的網站收集有關您的數據或鏈接您存儲在Facebook上的會員信息,那麼您必須在訪問我們的網站之前登出Facebook。 也可以使用Add-Ons為您的瀏覽器阻止社交插件.


Plugins by are used on this website and are operated by the YouTube, LLC, 901 Cherry Avenue, San Bruno, CA 94066, USA. When a user visits a website that contains such a plugin, their browser connects directly with YouTube’s servers. Through this the YouTube servers are informed of the websites which the user has visited. If you are logged in as a member of YouTube, YouTube assigns this information to the platforms of your respective personal accounts. When you use these plug-ins, such as clicking/start buttons of a video or sending a comment, this information will be assigned to your YouTube account, which can only be prevented by you logging out before using the plugin. More information can be found under the data protection declaration under

在本網站上使用 上的插件,由YouTube,LLC,901 Cherry Avenue,San Bruno,CA 94066,USA運營。 當用戶訪問包含此類插件的網站時,他們的瀏覽器會直接與YouTube的服務器連接。 通過此,YouTube服務器將被告知用戶訪問過的網站。 如果您是以YouTube會員身份登入,則Youtube 會將此訊息分配給您各自個人帳戶的平台。 當您使用這些插件時,例如點擊/啟動影片按鈕或發送評論,這些信息將被分配到您的YouTube帳戶,只有您在使用插件之前取消才能阻止這些信息。 可以在下的數據保護聲明中找到更多信息


This website uses the buttons of the service Twitter, which is provided by Twitter Inc., 1355 Market St, Suite 900, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA. These plugins are, for example, indicated by terms such as "Tweet" or the Twitter logo. This enables people to share a post or a page from this website on Twitter. If a user visits a website containing such a button, their browser connects directly to Twitter's servers. The content of the Twitter buttons is delivered directly by Twitter to the user’s browser. We have therefore no effect on the amount of data, which Twitter collects with the help of this plugin and can only inform the user through the knowledge available to us: afterwards the log data, such as the user’s IP address or previous websites visited, will be transmitted. More information can be found under Twitter’s data protection declaration

該網站使用Twitter的服務按鈕,該按鈕由Twitter Inc.,1355 Market St,Suite 900,San Francisco,CA 94103,USA提供。 例如,這些插件由諸如“Tweet”或Twitter標誌的術語表示。 這使人們可以在Twitter上分享來自該網站的文章或頁面。 如果用戶訪問包含此類按鈕的網站,則他們的瀏覽器將直接連接到Twitter的服務器。 Twitter按鈕的內容由Twitter直接傳送到用戶的瀏覽器。 因此,我們對Twitter在這個插件的幫助下收集的數據量沒有影響,只能通過我們可用的知識告知用戶:之後日誌數據,例如用戶的IP位址或之前訪問過的網站,將被傳播。 更多信息可以在Twitter的數據保護聲明找到


The "XING share button" is used on this website. After connecting to this website a connection to servers at XING AG, Dammtorstraße 29-32, 20354 Hamburg ("XING") is made via your browser, where the functions of the "XING share button" (in particular, the calculation/display of the counter value)  is carried out. XING does not store personal data about you when you access this website. Above all XING does not store any IP addresses. There is also no evaluations of your usage behavior through the use of cookies in connection with the "XING share button". You can find the most up-to-date privacy information about the "XING share button" and any additional information on this website:
本網站使用“XING分享按鈕”。 連接到本網站後,連接到XING AG的服務器,Dammtorstraße29-32,20354Hamburg(“XING”)是通過您的瀏覽器進行的,其中“XING共享按鈕”的功能(特別是計算/顯示 計數器值)執行。 當您訪問本網站時,XING不會存儲您的個人數據。 最重要的是,XING不存儲任何IP地址。 通過使用與“XING共享按鈕”相關的cookie,您也無法評估您的使用行為。 您可以在此網站上找到有關“XING分享按鈕”的最新隱私信息以及任何其他信息:


Plugins of the LinkedIn Corporation, 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View, CA 94043, United States (hereinafter referred to as "LinkedIn") are integrated in this website. The LinkedIn plug-in can be recognized by the LinkedIn logo or the "share button" ("recommended") on this website. When visiting this website, a direct connection is made between your browser and the LinkedIn server via the plugin. As a result, LinkedIn receives the information that you have visited this website using your IP address. If you click on the LinkedIn "share button" while you are logged in to your LinkedIn account, you can link the contents of this website to your LinkedIn profile. As a result, LinkedIn can associate the visit to this website with your user account. We would like to point out that as website operators we receive no information of the content in the transmitted data or their use through LinkedIn. Details for data collection (purpose, scope, further processing, use), as well as your rights and options can be found under LinkedIn’s data protection information. LinkedIn provides this information under
LinkedIn公司的插件,2029 Stierlin Court,Mountain View,CA 94043,United States(以下簡稱“LinkedIn”)已集成在本網站中。 LinkedIn插件可以通過LinkedIn徽標或本網站上的“分享按鈕”(“推薦”)識別。訪問此網站時,您的瀏覽器和LinkedIn服務器之間通過插件直接連接。因此,LinkedIn會使用您的IP地址接收您訪問過本網站的信息。如果您在登錄LinkedIn帳戶時單擊LinkedIn“分享按鈕”,則可以將此網站的內容鏈接到您的LinkedIn個人資料。因此,LinkedIn可以將您對此網站的訪問與您的用戶帳戶相關聯。我們想指出的是,作為網站運營商,我們不會收到有關傳輸數據中的內容或通過LinkedIn使用的信息。有關數據收集的詳細信息(目的,範圍,進一步處理,使用)以及您的權利和選項,請參閱LinkedIn的數據保護信息。 LinkedIn在提供此信息。

Web analysis 網站分析

We use - like almost every website operator - analysis tools in the form of tracking software to determine the frequency of use and the number of users to our website.
我們使用 - 幾乎每個網站運營商 - 以跟踪軟件的形式分析工具,以確定使用頻率和我們網站的用戶數量。

Using the analysis tool "Google Analytics" 使用的分析工具為“Google Analytics”
PM-International uses the service of Google Analytics of the Google LLC, 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. This service provides an analysis of this website’s use using cookies. For this purpose the information generated by the cookie, such as your anonymized IP address, is transmitted, stored and evaluated on behalf of PM-International to a server of the Google LLC in the United States. Google Analytics has been expanded with the code “GAT._anonymizeip();” on this website. As a result, an anonymous collection of IP addresses is guaranteed. Your IP address anonymization takes place usually by reducing your IP address through Google LLC within the European Union or in another signatories of the European Economic Area (EEA). In exceptional cases, your IP address is transmitted to a server of Google LLC in the United States and anonymized there. Your transmitted IP-address will not be merged with other data of Google LLC. Within the framework of the Google Analytics advertising function, remarketing and reports on performance will be used according to demographic characteristics and interests. These procedures serve the purpose of aligning advertising more with the interests of individual users through the help of information about user behavior. In the context of remarketing, personalized advertising measures can be switched to other websites based on your surfing behavior on PM-International’s website. Thus the advertising materials can contain products, which you have previously looked at on PM-International’s website. If you have agreed to your web and app browser being connected with Google through your Google account and that the information from your Google account can be used to personalize ads, then Google will use this data for comprehensive remarketing. You can object to the acquisition of your data through Google Analytics at any time. The following options are available to you:
PM-International使用Google LLC,1600 Amphitheatre Parkway,Mountain View,CA 94043,USA的Google Analytics服務。 此服務使用cookie分析本網站的使用情況。為此,cookie生成的信息(例如您的匿名IP地址)將代表PM-International傳輸,存儲和評估到美國Google LLC的服務器。 Google Analytics已在此網站上使用代碼“GAT._anonymizeip();”進行了擴展。因此,可以保證匿名的IP地址集合。您的IP位址匿名化通常是通過歐盟內部的Google LLC或歐洲經濟區(EEA)的其他簽署方減少您的IP地址。在特殊情況下,您的IP地址會傳輸到美國的Google LLC服務器並在那裡匿名。您傳輸的IP地址不會與Google LLC的其他數據合併。在Google Analytics廣告功能的框架內,將根據人口統計特徵和興趣使用再營銷和效果報告。這些程序的目的是通過有關用戶行為的信息幫助使廣告更符合個人用戶的利益。在再營銷的背景下,可以根據您在PM-International網站上的瀏覽行為將個性化廣告措施切換到其他網站。因此,廣告材料可以包含您之前在PM-International網站上查看過的產品。如果您同意通過自己的Google帳戶將自己的網絡和應用瀏覽器與Google相關聯,並且您的Google帳戶中的信息可用於個性化廣告,那麼Google將使用此數據進行全面再營銷。您可以隨時反對通過Google Analytics獲取數據。您可以使用以下選項:

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. However, you can prevent the use of cookies through the relevant browser settings; in this case, numerous functions of the website cannot be used. The settings must be performed separately for every browser that is used.
大多數瀏覽器自動接受cookie。 但是,您可以通過相關的瀏覽器設置阻止使用Cookie; 在這種情況下,不能使用網站的眾多功能。 必須為每個使用的瀏覽器單獨執行設置。
You can also prevent the collection and the processing of this data by Google LLC by downloading and installing the browser-ad-on which is available under the following link:
您還可以通過下載和安裝以下鏈接提供的browser-ad-on來阻止Google LLC收集和處理此數據:

This can be done alternatively or within browsers on mobile devices by clicking on the following link:

An opt-out cookie will be placed on the user’s device for PM-International’s internet pages with effect for the currently used browser. If the cookies are deleted in this browser, then the link must be clicked on again.
對於PM-International的互聯網頁面,將在用戶的設備上放置一個選擇退出cookie,對當前使用的瀏覽器有效。 如果在此瀏覽器中刪除了cookie,則必須再次單擊該鏈接。

More information on the terms of use and data protection can be found under or
 有關使用條款和數據保護的更多信息,請參閱 或

Caution: If you delete your cookies in your browser, then even the stored opt-out cookie can be deleted as a result and the objection must be carried out again in the aforementioned manner.