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Additional Benefits

Our Car Program

A business car, that can also be used privately, at especially favorable conditions. Who would not want that? PM-International offers all its self-employed distributors an opportunity to lease the car of their dreams from cooperating car dealers at especially favorable conditions. Depending which Marketing Plan Position you have reached, we will even pay something towards your leasing fee or even cover all of it. These models are available, among others: VW, Audi, Porsche, Mini, Mercedes and BMW.

Off on holiday....

With PM you can see the World without having to pay to go. PM-International will make it possible for you. Every year we organize several once week vacations for our Distributors. As well as the PM Europe Tour to different destinations in Europe and the World Tour to varying, extraordinary destinations there are also invitations to the President's Team Recognitions at the private vacation home of Vicki and Rolf Sorg on the Côte d'Azur in France. The requirement for taking part in one of these fantastic trips is that you have reached a particular Marketing Plan Position.

Our Pension Program for your Security

As a family-run company, PM –International takes it for granted that their self-employed distributors are also provided with social security for old-age. Therefore we have developed a unique pension scheme in cooperation with one of the World’s largest insurance companies. Once you have reached a certain Marketing Plan Position, you have an opportunity of setting up an additional pension for yourself via PM-International. We will pay half of all your contributions. Depending on the Position you are in mthis could be up to 1,250 euros a month. Our distributors receive a dream return on their deposits of over 100 percent.

Training Program and Help from Day One

PM-International has developed a simple, yet highly efficient, training program for its distributors all over the World that accompanies them throughout their career. At its core are product information, motivation and sales training. You, as our new distributor, will discover everything you need to know to be successful in your business. No commercial knowledge is needed. We will support you in all the important questions about setting up in business. We will show you how to convince other people about the advantages of our products. We accompany our distributors from day one.