Patrick Moster

Tyskland | Skyling, - Sports Director for the German Cycling Federation (BDR)

“At BDR, we have been working with FitLine for over 20 years. We have five Olympic discipline groups, and all of them use FitLine products. We have had a very positive experience with the composition of the Fitness-Drink, and we know it’s included on the Cologne List®. We tend to use Activize for short-term performance. When it comes to recovery, the 200km distance requires five to six hours of performance, and you have to make sure you can recover well overnight. Restorate has always been an outstanding product! We support long competition days with tasty bars, Protein, and fruit bars”.

We have been using FitLine products since November 1997, and regularly use FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Fitness-Drink, Antioxy (Zellschutz), Q10 Plus, ProShapes All-in 1 and Fruit bars.

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