Marek Siderek

Polonia | Salto con gli sci, - Sports Director of the Polish Ski Federation (PZN)

“All of the national teams and training groups in both classic and alpine disciplines in the Polish Ski Federation (PZN), as well as snowboard and ski cross, have been using FitLine products officially since May 2010. The right, balanced nutrition with safe nutritional supplement product lines is an integral component of comprehensive training for the PZN today. FitLine products are a good way to supplement our athletes’ increased needs for vitamins and minerals, without any other unnecessary additives. In ski jumping, which is currently the most important discipline for our Federation, athletes sometimes need to be able to concentrate and perform for hours at a time. The Fitness-Drink, combined with Activize Oxyplus, has proven to be an excellent combination. It is also extremely important for ski jumpers to keep their body fat percentages down. FitLine products are a great way to do that. FitLine Restorate is a good choice for supporting recovery. The Polish Ski Federation and all of our national teams are very happy about our collaboration with PM-International and with FitLine products”.

We have been using FitLine products since May 2010, and regularly use FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Feel Good Yoghurt-Drink, Protein, Fruit bars and Fitness-Drink.

We receive support from the PM-International Sp.z.o.o. FitLine team (Poland).

Our major sporting successes:

  • Winter Games:
  • 5 x Gold medals
  • 5 x Silver medals
  • 5 x Bronze medals
  • World Championships:
  • 12 x Gold medals
  • 6 x Silver medals
  • 7 x Bronze medals