Fitline ProShape All-in-1 Bourbon Vanilla

Fitline ProShape All-in-1 Bourbon Vanilla



  • Get in shape* with good taste!

    The FitLine meal replacement shake, filled with flowery Bourbon Vanilla aroma, is developed and manufactured with a combination of high-quality ingredients. The synergistic combination of natural ingredients is made with our exclusive, patented NTC®.
    FitLine ProShape All-in-1* Bourbon Vanilla uses natural extracts such as green coffee, green mate and nettle, vitamins & minerals, sweetener from vegetal sources, and is free from preservatives. A whole All-in-1 meal that supports you to reach the shape* of your dreams.

    * Substituting two of the main daily meals of an energy-restricted diet with meal replacements contributes to weight loss.


Preparation: Prepare around 2 slightly heaped measuring spoons (32.3g) of powder in 230 ml of  milk (1,5% fat) with a shaker or mixer.

Recommandation: Replace 1-2 meals a day*, each by 1 shake. 1 shake = 1 meal.


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