Marion Beikirch

DSC Dortmund - Germany


With the opening of DSC Dortmund 2010, we and our Dortmund team partners fulfilled a wish to showcase all FitLine products in a business setting. This business presentation made PM International more widely known, boosting sales volume. As an extension of PM International, a DSC better educates new customers, offers product tastings, and provides intensive consultation. Customers and new team partners value the events and networking opportunities. The advantage of a DSC is easy access to information, product purchase, and space for personal business presentations.

Anna Krolikowska

DSC Poznań - Poland


"Since 1999, DSC Poznań has proudly partnered with PM-International, fostering continuous growth. We host weekly online and offline meetings for distributors and potential partners. With Poland's top leaders, Anna Królikowska and Błażej Królikowski, we offer expertise in business and products. We're thankful to be part of PM-International, helping people achieve health, success, and financial independence together."