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Making a Healthy Career Change with PM-International

Published: 03/07/2019

Choosing a career can be difficult. Sometimes you pursue a career believing it’s what you absolutely want to do. Sometimes you take a job to pay the bills. And sometimes you end up feeling dissatisfied. It’s okay to change your mind. Find comfort in knowing that it’s never too late to make a positive change, especially one that will make you healthier and happier in the long-run. Just look at the story of PM-International’s Platinum President’s Team Winnie Mo.

Allow Yourself to Reconsider

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Winnie Mo (49) grew up dreaming of becoming a fashion designer. After graduating from high school, she decided against going to university and studied fashion design at the First Institute of Art and Design Hong Kong instead. Launching her own label Moi for the Chinese market, fresh out of school, left her feeling disenchanted by what she believed to be her dream job. Fashion turned out to be more commercial than what her romantic idea of expressing her own sense of style led her to believe.

In 1993, her brother bought a trading company for clothes in Pakistan and asked her to help run the business. She thought it was a great opportunity to explore a different side of the fashion industry. 6 years went by before she took on another challenge: running her own leather bag trade business. “I was struggling a lot with promoting the leather bags and guaranteeing consistent quality control. I ended up spending sleepless nights worrying about my financial insecurity.” Eventually, Winnie realized: Her passion for fashion wasn’t something she wanted to earn money with anymore.

Leave Your Comfort Zone with PM

Winnie was introduced to PM-International and FitLine in 2009, when she was still running her leather bag trade. In 2011, she started with the PM-business, but only part-time. She had doubts about whether she could be successful. Would people take her seriously? Could she earn enough money to make it her only source of income? She decided to test the waters first. Building a business structure at the beginning was a challenge. Luckily, challenges bring out the best in Winnie. In 2015, she quit her own company because she knew she needed to dedicate full attention to the business and to bringing health, fitness, and beauty to Hong Kong and beyond. Winnie shares: “Making the decision was hard. Leaving your comfort zone is painful and takes a lot of courage. But putting yourself out there is exactly what will help you move forward! I believed PM was good for me in the long run.” In the end she was reassured in her trust in the FitLine products. As a business woman and because of her previous experiences, Winnie knew that business needs turnover. And turnover needs consistency of good products. Today Winnie says: “I love PM because of the premium products. I don’t need to take care of the production or quality control. You know how difficult it was to take care of all that in my own business – from the raw material to the customer?”

For a Better Quality of Life

And sure enough she was right. Ever since making the decision, Winnie’s life changed for the better. She has achieved the financial security and peace of mind she longed for. “Before PM, I wasn’t able to go on vacation really. Today, with PM, I am free to travel for business developments and go on vacation whenever and wherever I want,” Winnie says. Plus, she supports her mother, sister, brother and his family in getting a better lifestyle. In fact, she supports her nephews’ further education and also plans on buying an apartment in Hong Kong the next year. This alone is a testament to her incredible success with PM. After all, the Chinese metropolis is among the world’s most expensive real estate markets. The price of buying a flat in Hong Kong is comparable to buying an Italian castle, a Sydney apartment with harbor view or a Dublin townhouse. Just imagine! That’s what you get when you share your PM business and your enthusiasm about the FitLine products everywhere you go. You reach and touch people around the world and are rewarded for your hard work.

Making Memories

If you’re as successful as Winnie, PM loves to travel the world with you. Winnie has already qualified for a number of World Tour travel incentives hosted by PM-International and has made memories to last for a lifetime. She’s bathed elephants in Thailand (2016), swam with dolphins in the deep blue oceans of Mauritius (2017), has danced to Samba rhythms in Brazil (2019), and looks forward to spending another dream vacation in beautiful Bali 2020.

So, how do you know you’re doing what you love? And you love what you’re doing? Usually, if you spend most of your work life struggling, either financially or personally, it’s time to make a change. Winnie’s decision to change careers switched the focus of struggling to living a life she loves. A life which benefits her personally and financially – because PM offers all the possibilities for growth.

Have you ever made a major career change to start working with PM-International? Tell us about your experience in the comments.