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With each FitLine product sold, PM-International gives an Hour of Life to children for a better future with better chances and long term benefits.

PM International - PM We Care - Vicki Sorg in Zimbabwe

About PM We Care

PM International has given to Charities for over 20 years. Along the way, PM We Care Foundation was created. We engage in charitable projects for more than 20 years. Our mission is to support children and communities by providing long-term, sustainable and focused help and immediate assistance as well as emergency donations in times of need. Want to know more about our foundation and charitable projects? Watch the video!


This is Vicki Sorg

Charity Ambassador of the PM We Care Foundation and wife of Rolf Sorg Founder and CEO of PM-International AG. For over 20 years Vicki is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children and their communities worldwide. She is a successful entrepreneur in her own right and retail distributor influencer, she actively leads on raising the profile of the Charity Foundation through global corporate events, social media, and campaigns.
Vicki is passionate about the family business and its values. Working closely with long term humanitarian partners World Vision, striving to give opportunities to the most vulnerable and helping them to become self-sufficient.

What we achieved so far


Sponsored children


Sponsored children as long-term goal


Worldwide projects


Different countries



€10 m

donated to World Vision alone in the last 5 Years

PM We Care: How do we help around the world?

Want to know what we do and how we help? Watch our video!


Get involved

The business behind PM-International and the Team Partners using and selling our FitLine products are the thriving force behind PM We Care. With every product they buy or sell, PM-International gives an ‘Hour of Life’ to children and better chances while growing up. Interested in our products or want to become a Team Partner?

Our partnership with World Vision

In 2003, we started a partnership with the humanitarian, relief and development organization World Vision. PM We Care doesn’t simply donate to World Vision, it actively supports and visits the children and their communities, even in remote rural areas around the world.

Today we are World Vision’s worldwide largest corporate sponsor. In 2023, the charity engagement of PM-International in partnership with World Vision celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Visit our World Vision sponsorship portal, meet our sponsored children and see how you make a difference!

Our area programs

We are engaged in regional development projects, called ‘Area Programs’ that are planned and implemented together with locals and run for approximately 15 years. Together with World Vision it is our main goal to empower people to help themselves. Currently PM-International supports 8 area programs in:

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PM We Care - Bolivia

Join us on an inspiring journey as we visit Bolivia to witness firsthand the difference we can make together for children in need.

PM We Care - 6000 sponsored children in cooperation with worldvision
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Powerful stories from around the globe

Little known facts

Globally, 1 in 9 people is hungry or undernourished

Here is what we are doing…

Only 17% of children in low-income countries are enrolled in pre-school

Here is what we are doing…

250 Million children either don’t make it to grade 4 or lack the basic skills in reading, writing and math by the time they reach grade 4

Here is what we are doing…

6 km, a little more than 3.7 miles, is the average distance round trip women and children in the developing world walk for water

Here is what we are doing…
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Experience charity visits

Humanitarian aid for people in need

Along with the support of sponsored children, PM-International helps people affected by catastrophes, natural disasters, and pandemics. In 2020, PM-International helped to fight the COVID-19 pandemic by donating 1 million Euros to relief efforts. As part of the 'PM helps' initiative, PM-International supported first aid responders by donating protection gear, disinfection bottles, vinyl gloves, infusion pumps, masks and food to severely affected regions.

PM-International also set up an emergency aid fund of 1 million Euros for refugees and affected people by the war in Ukraine. Among other things, PM-International sent hygiene articles, medicines and food to Ukraine and the surrounding border regions. In addition, 1 million meals in form of PowerMeal energy bars have been distributed.

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