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Education is Key: How PM We Care Helps Children in Peru

Published: 19/12/2019

PM We Care is all about giving back and sharing our love. That’s why, at the beginning of this year, we welcomed 500 new sponsored children in Peru. PM We Care has been engaging in projects in Peru for several years already. In 2019, Vicki and Rolf Sorg visited some of our sponsored children there. Thanks to the kindness and generous support of our customers and Team Partners, we were now able to sponsor a second Area Program, Los Libertadores. Let’s take a look and find out what it’s like to grow up in the Peruvian Andes – and how we, together with our partner World Vision, work towards a brighter future for these children and their families.

A childhood full of challenges

The project named Los Libertadores is located in the mountains of the Ayacucho region, 500 km southeast from Lima. In 3,000 meters of altitude, the climate is rough and barren. Still, 90% of the population need to earn their living from farming. Back in 2011, when World Vision started this Area Program, 30% of the people aged 15 years and older could not read or write. 14% of the children had never attended a school because they live in remote places or need to help their families with the farm work. Worst of all: 50% of the inhabitants lived in extreme poverty.

Leave no child behind

When it comes to our 500 new sponsored children, we wanted to give hope and a perspective to every child, no matter their age. PM Charity Ambassador Vicki Sorg explains: “We were willing to sponsor older children too. As always, they will stay with us until they are 18. In Peru in general, it is difficult to find sponsors for older children. According to World Vision, 33% of the children aged 12 years and older are dropped off from the sponsorships.”  

Together for education

The new World Vision Area Program focuses on education and generating new income streams. Together with World Vision, our ultimate goal is to improve the living conditions in the community. In order to reach the highest yields possible despite the difficult conditions for agriculture, the smallholder farmers are learning new cultivation methods and how to diversify their crop. Furthermore, the project includes renovating and equipping schools, educating teachers, and informing parents about the importance of education for their children’s future. In Los Libertadores, approximately 11,700 people will benefit from the measures.

Meet our sponsored children in Los Libertadores, Peru

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Let’s share our love!

Of course, we will also surprise the children of Los Libertadores with their annual birthday presents. Do you want to support us? Stay tuned for our upcoming “SHARE YOUR LOVE” campaign, starting on 14th February. If you buy one of our exclusive “Give an Hour of Life” T-shirts or sweatshirts, you help us to put smiles on our 2,300 sponsored children’s faces. Thank you!