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Rita Pysz

Rita Pysz - 2023 Winter Sponsor Competition Winner


I was incredibly lucky this year and won first place in the PM-International Winter Sponsor Competition 2023. I still can't tell myself what this means, especially since I've only just started PM. I've never really been on vacation in my life, and all of a sudden, this message came. I was overwhelmed, and to this day, I still can't grasp what this unique company offers. When I got the call from my daughter, and she asked me very emotionally whether I had already been informed; I didn't know what she was talking about. A few weeks have passed, and I'm realizing more and more how lucky I was. I am so grateful that my sponsor, i.e. my daughter, allowed me to get to know this fantastic opportunity.
Grateful for meeting such great positive, and, above all, wonderful people. Thank you for the new perspectives, the humanity and, above all, this company's appreciation. Our dream trip is now booked, and I can hardly wait until it starts!

Minhwa Kim

Minhwa Kim - 2023 Winter Sponsor Competition Luxury Shopping Voucher Winner

South Korea

I consider myself extremely fortunate to have won this year's sponsor competition raffle. This victory validates my dedication and hard work while fueling my desire to inspire and empower others to achieve success and fulfillment through the extraordinary PM-International opportunity. My dreams have come true thanks to PM-International.


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