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I have been using various FitLine products since March 2014. As every year this is the time where the season changes and the so-called “little spring aches” like e.g. fatigue and concentration difficulties run rampant. The FitLine products reduce these annoying symptoms very fast and obvious until they disappear completely. I recognized a faster regeneration of muscle fatigue. Added to that and to test the effectiveness of the FitLine products I stopped using them for a while and noticed that everything is “more exhausting”: less recovery, lower concentration, a feeling of exhaustion in the morning and in the evening especially after training during hot weather.

I've been using FitLine products since March 2014 and regularly use:

My latest greatest sports achievments:

  • 2018 Granfondo Città di Marostica, Why Sport Valdagno, Avesani, Haiti Cividale, Valli Monregalesi, Stelvio Santini, 3Epic, Sportful Dolomiti Race, Gavia e Mortirolo, Top Dolomites
  • 2017 winner Granfondo Avesani, Granfondo Felice Gimondi, Granfondo delle valli Monregalesi, 3Epic, Stelvio Santini, Sportful Dolomiti Race, Granfondo Torino
  • 2016 winner Granfondo Giro d'Italia, Marcialonga Cycling, Granfondo La Fausto Coppi, Granfondo Sestriere
  • 2015 winner Ötztaler, Granfondo Charly Gaul, Stelvio Santini, Damiano Cunego, Marcialonga cycling, Granfondo delle valli Monregalesi, Granfondo città di Valdagno
  • 2014 winner Super Giro Dolomiti, Granfondo Pantani Forever Galibier, 2nd place Endura Alpentraum 3rd place Highlander Marathon
  • 2013 winner Highlander Marathon, Alpen Challenge, Granfondi La Spezia, Valli Monregalesi, Carnia Classic, Stelvio, Giordana

FitLine Team: Bernd Hornetz

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