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Canoe Slalom

For a top athlete hard training and a balanced diet are just as important in preparing for competition as professional nutritional supplements. FitLine has always helped me during the last few years to remain fit, sometimes under extreme physical strain. That means I regenerate more quickly after training and competition, am in a better condition and have greater endurance. My performance level during the competition phase has considerably stabilized and my muscles become tired and tense far less often. I am convinced that I have found the best products for myself and I‘m sure that FitLine will play a decisive role at my future competitions.

I've been using FitLine products since April 1999 and regularly use:

My latest greatest sports achievments:

  • 2017 World Champion Team, 3th place World Champion singles, 3th place European Champion single
  • 2016 European Champion Team, Vice European Champion single
  • 2015 European Champion Team
  • 2014 Vice European Champion single and bronze medal Team
  • 2013 World Champion Team
  • 2012 Summer games London bronze medal, European Champion Team
  • 2011 World Champion Team
  • 2010 World Champion Team und Vice World Champion single

FitLine Team: Bea and Lazi Kollar

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Sport Catalog 2019
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Interviews with the Pros 2018/19
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FitLine Sportvideo Vol 10.0