In both leisure and top sports nutrition for sports from our FitLine series will help you to give a top performance every day. They do not just provide an optimum supply of nutrients, but also optimum safety.

We have been working closely and confidently with various sporting associations, national teams and world-class athletes for many years. Among our partners are the GermanAustrian, Polish and Canadian Skiing Association (DSV, OeSV, PZN and ACA), the German Ice Hockey Association (DEB), the Association of German Cyclists (BDR), the Swiss Handball Association (SHV), the Swiss bobsleigh and sledge Association (Swiss Sliding), the Luxemburg Basketball Federation (FLBB) and the German Athletics Association (DLV). The quality of our FitLine nutritional supplement products and our exemplary support in top sports also led to Austria´s Sport Aid recommending our nutrition products to the almost 500 athletes they support.
More than 1,000 top athletes from over 50 different disciplines and 20 nations use FitLine products to achieve their personal best.

FitLine congratulates the 69 medal winners at the Winter Games 2018 (read more)

As a company, we have voluntarily agreed to have all the FitLine
nutritional supplement products tested regularly for doping-relevant anabolic steroids/prohormones and stimulants.

*All the FitLine nutritional supplement products are on the Cologne List®.
That list publishes products that have been tested by one of the World's leading laboratories for analyzing nutritional supplements for doping substances.

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Our Athletes

Cycling: The BDR celebrates Maximilian Levy for two gold medals

The German Cyclists Federation (BDR) celebrates Maximilian Levy for two great gold medals at the European Track Cycling Championships in Sprint and Keirin.


Karate: Stanislav Horuna becomes double Ukrainian Karate Champion

Karate master Stanislav Horuna has struck again! 2 gold medals at the Ukrainian Championships in the individual category and in Team Kumité!


Motor sports: Marvin Dienst wins on the Sachsenring

Marvin Dienst can win the first race of the ADAC GT Masters at the Sachsenring.


Cycling: Edi Fuch is second at 24h Time Trial

Extrem-Radsportler Edi Fuchs is second at the 24 h Time Trial in Bagnolo di San Pietro di Feletto (Treviso/Italy).

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