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Yvonne Ruch

Germany |Bowling, - World Champion Women Singles

After the birth of my son I felt completely chipped after the new challenges, driveless, flat, stressed, energyless and without concentration. I dragged myself, so through everyday life. In addition, in 2015, a completely disappointing World Cup. I could not compete for the World Cup final, because of strong muscular problems as well as an added muscle fiber tear. In June 2015 I got to know the Fitline products. Already after a short dose I have determined that I am much better. Despite the same pensum I have become more powerful, feel much more energy and power. My ability to concentrate in competitions has increased enormously, the performance became more constant and better. The illness days have declined significantly. After exactly 2 years of taking the Fitline products, I was again able to participate in a world championship. This time everything was different. I could play without a muscular problem a powerful and highly concentrated world championship and even win the single final. Because of my personal success with the Fitline products, I have recommended these. It makes me very happy to see that other people also benefit from health through the Fitline products. I recently started a “sponsored” BMW mini and earned me an additional income. The Fitline products are for me simply gold value!

I’ve been using FitLine products since June 2015 and regularly use:
FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Fitness Drink, Joint-Health, ProShape Amino, Munogen

My latest greatest sports Achievements:

  • 2017 World Champion Women Singles, World Champion Team Germany, Vice-World Champion Mixed, World Cup Winner Oberthal, German Champion Team 2016/2017, German Champion Mixed
  • 2016 German Champion Team 2015/2016, Vice-German Champion Women Singles, Vice-German Champion Women pairs, Vice-German Champion Mixed, World Cup Winner Oberthal
  • 2015 World Champion Team Germany, Vice-World-Champion Mixed, World Cup winner Oberthal, German Champion Mixed, Vice-German Champion women singles, German Champion Team 2014/2015
  • 2014 German Champion Team 2013/2014, World Cup winner Oberthal, German Champion women singles, German Champion Mixed, German Champion women pairs
  • 2013 World Champion women singles, World Champion Team Germany, World Champion women pairs, German Champion women pairs, Vice-German Champion women singles

FitLine Team: Christian Reuter

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