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Dos and Don'ts in the Gym

Published: 28/12/2018

The Shape Challenge has everyone running to the gym…right? If you’re about to head out to another drenching workout, take a few minutes and continue reading. Because it’s one thing to know which exercises to do in the gym. And quite another, knowing how to behave. So, unless you want to become the target of some scornful looks, check out these DOs and DON’Ts and buff up that gym etiquette of yours:

  1. DO clean up after yourself. This is rule #1! Please always use a towel on the machines and make sure to wipe down all areas your skin has touched when you’re done. Every facility usually offers wipes and disinfectant spray to clean the equipment. Really, nobody wants to sit down in the puddle of sweat from his precursor.
  2. DON’T confuse the gym with a phone booth (kids, google this if you don’t know what it is). If you have a phone call, no problem. Just step away from the machine and take it outside. The machine is not a place for you to just hang out, while others are waiting to use it as well. Who knows how long it takes to get your bestie up to speed about the latest gossip. So please, no loitering.
  3. DO go that extra mile. After you’re finished with your sets at the bar, put the plates back to where you got them from. The next person is going to be really annoyed when he finds plates on the bar which he/she doesn’t even want to use. If you can lift the bar with the plates on them, you can surely also remove them. Consider it as part of the workout.
  4. DON’T be a butterfingers. If you can’t put the weight back down the way you picked it up, it’s probably too heavy for you. Same thing goes for cable machines: Don’t work the railroads. Meaning: Don’t drop the plates after each single rep. Work those muscles to bring the weights down gently.
  5. DO pump yourself up with your favorite music. Just DON’T try to also pump up everyone else around you. So please use headphones and don’t be that person who wants everybody to notice and check him out by blaring the latest remix of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.

  6. DON’T be Captain Cologne or Princess Perfume: Don’t try to impress by showering yourself in your favorite scent. Some people might not have the same taste as you do. Even worse, as you start evaporating the fragrance will only intensify.
    DO, however, wear clean smelling clothes and a suitable amount of deodorant.
  7. DON’T Of course, you should be proud of shaping your body. But no one wants to see you flexing on the workout floor. Don’t stand in front of the mirror like a self-absorbed maniac flexing or taking selfies.You can do these things in the privacy of your home without subjecting everyone else to your ego.
    However, DO feel free to record your transformation process and share your results with us on the FitLine App (Android + iOS). After all, you can win great prizes.
Alright, now you’re all set to go. I hope you won’t bump into Captain Cologne. If you do, say hi to him from me and tell him all about the super helpful article you just read.
Share your funniest gym experience in the comments.