PM We Care: Birthday Surprise in Ghana

Published: 22/02/2021

Today I would like to take you with me to spend a day with our sponsored children in Ghana. The children are sponsored by PM-International and this day is not like any other since Charity Ambassador Vicki surprises them with birthday gifts and a birthday party. Get an insight into the challenges the children face every day and learn more about this special campaign that was only brought to life with your contribution! 

For some children, it will be the first time they receive something as simple as a gift

It is 40 degrees Celsius in the shade and I can hardly imagine how hot the dry ground must be in the sun on that day in Ghana, Africa. The children are standing crowded next to each other surrounded by their family and friends, excited and in joyful anticipation because they are about to be called to step forward to receive a birthday gift. For some of them, it will be the first gift in their entire life.

One day during every sponsor visit, Vicki is distributing birthday gifts to our sponsored children. In fact, it’s not their real birthday, but the occasion is predestined to make it as special as possible for them. For this purpose, they are surprised with a big birthday party. Although the air is hot and humid, the atmosphere in the village is light and carefree. Joy and excitement take over as one after the other steps into the middle to receive their presents while smiling from ear to ear. Some are shy and timid, but when they start to play games like Red Rover, their mood changes quickly. They are running around, they are laughing, singing and dancing and just having a really good time. Sparkling children eyes are universal and mean nothing else than joy and fun.

Child mortality rate in Ghana is still very high

This day is all about honoring them as full members of the community as life in countries like Ghana is still hard, especially for children. In Europe there is no such thing as child labor. But in Ghana, families have no choice as to take their children to work with them on the fields as they are considered to help to ensure the family’s income. Infectious diseases like diarrhea are very common in Ghana and that just from drinking water (!). There is a lack of clean drinking water and the level of hygiene is low, so you can imagine how much a child’s immune system must bear. No wonder, that the level of child mortality is still very high there. It just breaks my heart how strongly realities can differ depending on the perspective.

PM-International sponsors more than 3,000 children worldwide

Did you know that PM-International holds over 3,000 child sponsorships around the globe, making it the largest corporate sponsor of World Vision? In cooperation with World Vision, PM supports children in countries like Ghana, Cambodia, Mongolia, India, Zimbabwe and many more. The donations help people to help themselves. In Ghana, schools have been built, so that the kids have a solid place to also learn about nutrition and health which starts with basic things like how to wash hands properly to avoid infections. Sanitation and wells have been built to improve the hygienic standards and provide the children and thus the whole community with clean drinking water. Furthermore, there is education in the fields of improving cultivation methods and the keeping of animals as well as new income opportunities for women and disabled people. Education is also provided in topics like children’s rights and HIV which is still a big taboo in Ghana. As you can imagine, this kind of approach strengthens the whole community and makes life in this village healthier, easier and more structured.

“One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world”

And the best thing is that we can do so much to help to change the children’s lives sustainably. In fact, the sponsored children in Ghana are just a few of 3,000 who will receive a birthday present. Campaigns like the currently running Share your Love make it possible to surprise each sponsored child with a birthday gift by purchasing a charity shirt. Furthermore, every product that is sold by PM-International includes a calculated amount that is automatically donated to projects like the one in Ghana. And this would not be possible without the contribution of the Team Partners of PM-International and their customers. Some of them sponsor a child directly or indirectly by buying the products or charity shirts. Their work and use of the products provide significant aid to many children in need. Please make sure to keep supporting the ones that need it the most because supporting one single child can make a huge difference. Or, to use the words of children’s activist Malala Yousafzai: “One child, one teacher, one book, and one pen can change the world.”

Do you want to make a difference too? The 2021 Share your Love campaign is still running until March 8. Get your Charity shirt here today and make children around the world happy: You will find it in your PM online shop – under promotions or in your fan shop.