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PM Helps: PM-International Donates 90,000 Euros to Support Hospital in France

Published: 23/04/2020

PM-International has donated 90,000 Euros for medical equipment and catering to support coronavirus relief efforts at the Nancy Regional and University Hospital Center (CHRU), the city where our French subsidiary is located.

Of our total donation, 60,000 Euros go towards the purchasing of 55 infusion pumps. They will be used at the intensive care unit of the CHRU Nancy.

30,000 EUR are used for the catering of the doctors, nurses, and caregivers working at the CHRU. In addition to this, we have donated 7,500 FitLine Power Meal bars. The bars have been delivered to the CHRU Nancy on April 16.

PM Helps: Relief fund of 1 million Euros

In total, we have committed to donate 1 million Euros to relief efforts in the most affected regions surrounding our International Headquarters in Schengen, Luxembourg.

We feel a strong connection to the people of Nancy, as our French subsidiary is located here. With our donation, we want to thank the staff of the CHRU Nancy for the tremendous job they are doing to help and protect others. We are very glad about the opportunity to contribute with medical equipment. We see this as a sustainable donation, which will still be there to help once this situation has eased,” says Vicki Sorg, Charity Ambassador of PM-International.

With our charity program PM We Care, we engage in charity projects for almost 20 years. As the largest corporate sponsor of the relief, development, and advocacy organization World Vision, we support 2,300 sponsored children, their families and entire communities in more than 60 regional development projects around the world, including Ghana, Cambodia, and India.