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Keep it Off: 5 Tips to Break the Wheel of Weight Cycling

Published: 05/03/2021

Weight Cycling is a widespread phenomenon!

The FitLine Shape Challenge with Rolf Sorg is running, and we’re convinced that you’re already having great results. What’s next for you to really keep the shape of your life? Sometimes, when you finally manage to get close to or reaching your dream body, you somehow bounce back a couple of pounds.

How are you supposed to maintain that shape? There is good news: There is a way and it’s actually not that difficult. Just follow our anti-weight cycling tips below.

Wherever weight cycling pops up, children go into hiding, women start screaming and even the strongest men faint! But to be fair, weight cycling doesn’t sneak up on you when you least expect it, and it is not hiding under your bed, waiting to grab your leg when it dangles from its edge. This common effect, however, is the number one reason why most people believe that getting in shape just doesn’t work for them! Weight cycling is not the cause of why people lose their shape after getting in shape, it is a symptom of wrong habits, of missing routines, and of believing that getting in shape has an expiration date. Getting in shape, in the broader sense, is a lifestyle choice, and binges, tiredness, and hunger pangs shouldn’t be part of it – and they won’t if you keep going consistently.

Maintaining your shape may be the hardest part but it will also be the most rewarding part – if you embrace the lifestyle of the past weeks and integrate it into your future lifestyle.

Getting in shape is not a punishment, it’s a lifestyle

In the past weeks, your body changed but so did your mindset. You got to get to know your body better, you raised your awareness of its needs, and you hopefully also rediscovered its intrinsic beauty and strength. One could nearly assume that you’re not the same person you were a month ago. Haven’t people mentioned how you look and act more confident, more energetic and more active? Yes? Well, it’s easy then. You already have your strategy set for a balanced routine – all you need to do now is keep doing what you were doing during the FitLine Shape Challenge with Rolf Sorg. You already have proven to be a fighter. Act like it! Of course, you are allowed to take a day off from it. There’s no need to feel bad about pizza dinner with friends once in a while! It’s not the cheat days that will add those extra pounds.

You learned so much, and integrated some wholesome new routines and hobbies to your life! Why would you just stop doing exactly that now? Don’t you want to become the best version of yourself? You started a beautiful journey of transformation from the inside and out, try to keep a minimum of healthy habits in your day -to-day life:

  1. Keep working out regularly! Higher muscle ratio automatically raises the base energy consumption, by simply existing.
  2. Stay hydrated! Drink enough water every day. It helps not only for maintaining your weight. The benefits for your health are countless and long-lasting.
  3. Get yourself a balanced sleeping schedule. If you’re not a morning person, try going to bed one hour earlier instead. Your body and your brain will thank you.
  4. Surround yourself with supportive people. Try to convince family and friends to join you in your workouts or healthy cooking sessions after work. Having a support system will get you places.
  5. Your mom and dad did not try to torture you with fresh veggies. Grow up and eat your greens. You don’t have to like all of them! Find one or two that you like. There’s plenty of the good stuff in them and less of the bad stuff.

That doesn’t sound so terrible, right? Five easy steps that can be integrated into every lifestyle and will help you keep that extra weight off. You got this!