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BeautyLine goes FitLine

Published: 18/07/2018

The news is out! On June 8 during the 25th Anniversary Congress in Mannheim, CEO and founder Rolf Sorg confirmed the rebranding live and on stage as well as through a Facebook live stream of his opening speech: BeautyLine as a brand name, is going to disappear in the short and medium term and will be rebranded into FitLine.

The motivation behind this decision is simple and follows a natural logic: Having one single brand with the common brand claim “Experience results.” takes advantage of the high recognition value and bundles the efforts to further develop it. What the rebranding steps made since 2013 means concretely, is that we can now leverage our FitLine brand equity for the cosmetics product range which will benefit from its high level of awareness, its strong and very positive brand image as well as the strong attachment towards our brand.

Stepping in the next dimension

During the last 10 years, PM-International, developed, produced and marketed a multitude of different dietary supplement products and cosmetics for better fitness, more beauty and more well-being. They all added their share to the unbelievable growth the company achieved in the past. Munogen, for example, was one of the most successful product introductions in the company’s history and it quickly became one of the most popular products of all time.

Adapt and evolve

There can be many valid reasons for a company to rebrand their products or product lines and a rebranding process can take many forms. Only one aspect has to respected: The rebranding process has to go far beyond a simple change of logo or product packaging. While some companies want to adapt to changed consumer needs, other companies might want to streamline their brand identity or raise brand equity. FitLine as a brand, and in some ways BeautyLine have reached a time in their lifespan, where, while they still are renowned by hundred of thousands of users every single day, they are in dire need to undergo a thorough rebranding process. The brand name BeautyLine will disappear and with it, some isolated products. But not all of them! Popular bestsellers like Ultimate Young and 4ever will obviously still be available and will be wrapped in a new and shiny FitLine dress.