Cambodian Stories

Published: 09/02/2018

During an incredible trip to Cambodia PM-International’s Charity Ambassador, Vicki Sorg, had the opportunity to experience the joy and excitement of the sponsored children as well as interacting with them personally.
Discover three special stories below.

Open the door and make kids happy!

One of the trip’s highlights was the birthday party celebration for the 117 sponsored children. The event was organized by World Vision in cooperation with PM-International and it was a real success!
The children enjoyed their time together with World Vision members and the charity ambassador, playing loads of funny games and exchanging interesting stories. In fact, they especially loved the delicious birthday cakes and gifts. How about the snow spray party? Oh, yes, unforgettable! They were so excited and curious at the same time since this event presented a completely new and unique experience out of daily routine.

The lovely boy and the delicious cake

When it was time to cut the cake, Vicki had been chosen, as the “mother sponsor” to feed the children with the first bite of the cake according to their tradition. Of course only the children who had their birthday in that month were fed, as otherwise it would have been just too many.
The last child to be fed was Lyheng, a little boy aged 3. And when it was his turn to be fed by Vicki he was looking at her with his big brown eyes not knowing if he should take the cake or not. But when he saw her smiling brightly and sincerely at him his skeptical hesitation faded away and filled with trust he opened his mouth to take the cake from her.

The song of loneliness

After the big birthday party organized by World Vision and PM-International for the sponsored children, Vicki was invited to spend time with some of them. The children one after the other came to sit with her and told her about their daily routines and what they truly cared about in their lives.
First, Vicki met Tuwan, a 13-year-old girl who lives with her parents in a household with 10 children, “4 girls and 6 boys and I am the youngest.” She likes to sing and dance and even had the courage to sing a Cambodian song to Vicki. Her harmonic and sensitive voice filled the air with calm and quiet as she was singing about a woman who was all alone in her life and had nobody to care about her. Deeply touched by the song both looked at each other connecting on an emotional level that everybody witnessing the encounter could sense.
This is how beautiful friendship begin, when different sensitive souls connect.

Children dare to dream big

Another fascinating encounter was with Houen, a 12-year-old boy attending the 6th grade. Shy and enthusiastic at the same he told little stories of how he was enjoying school and how he loves to discover the world by reading. This is his way of conquering the world. Proudly he said that he wants to become a police man because he intends to keep his village safe.
Just like him other children dream of becoming teachers, doctors or farmers. The support and help of World Vision and PM-International contributes tremendously to prepare the children for a future they can create themselves.

To learn more about the project in Cambodia check out our blog article New hope for kids in Cambodia.

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