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Economically independent, PM-International possesses a sound financial base. Our equity ratio is over 60% - about twice as high as the average equity capital of other medium-sized companies, which rates it triple A+.

Your success with PM-International

Behind every great achievement stands a dream that has become reality.

Rolf Sorg

Founder & CEO of PM-International AG

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Worldwide market leadership in the development and distribution of high-quality products for health, fitness and beauty.

PM-International set out to take the lead in the international distribution of premium, cutting-edge products for health, fitness, and beauty — from inside and out.


An economically independent family business

Based on our significant and growing revenue, since 2011, PM-International has been recognized as one the Top 100 Distribution companies worldwide and is currently ranked 8th.


PM-International counts more than


Million products sold


Countries worldwide


Billion US$ gross sales


Years of experience


Scientific experts






Sponsored children


If I can do it, you can do it.

Rolf Sorg

Founder & CEO of PM-International AG


Without the past there is no future

PM launched as PM Cosmetics GmbH

First FitLine food supplement product, Q10

Charity Program started

Elected as one of Germany‘s TOP 100 most innovative companies for the first time.

Expansion into Asia

100 million euro annual sales

30th Market opened

Logistic and Administration Center Switzerland built

Administration Block built at PM Logistic Center Europe in Speyer (Germany)

Official opening of Headquarters Luxembourg and Asia Pacific

News Magazine NetCoo Company of the Year 2018 / 2019

1 billion US$ annual sales

Fastest growing company in the world 2021


Over 45 subsidiaries and distribution partners in over 40 different countries

Country Status

Country with local PM subsidiary/DSC

Country in opening phase

Shipments for personal use only (FPO)


Subsidiaries and National Headquarters

DSN (local Service-Office)

Sundbyberg, Sweden DSC Italy / Apulia Italy/ Padova DSC Sofia - Successful Line / Bulgaria Germany / DSC Berlin Nord PM-International New Zealand Colombia Ecuador Costa Rica Bolivia Netherlands Ivory Coast Belgium Morocco Portugal Czech Republic Hungary Germany / Munich Netherlands / Belgium Germany / Dresden United Kingdom Taiwan / DSC Kaohsiung ( 高雄銷售中心 ) Taiwan / DSC Taichung ( 台中銷售中心 ) Oman / Muscat Italy / Roma Italy / Brescia DSC Island South Korea / Seoul Japan / Tokyo India China / Chengdu Taiwan, Greater China Hong Kong, Greater China Thailand Philippinen Malaysia Singapore Indonesia / Jakarta UAE Spain France Switzerland Luxembourg / Luxembourg Luxembourg / Beggen België/Belgique/Belgium Germany / Erding Germany / Neuhausen Germany / Stuttgart Germany / Ettlingen Germany / Ansbach Germany / Sinsheim Germany / Speyer Germany / Limburgerhof Germany / Niederkirchen Germany / Bamberg Germany / Wiesbaden Germany / Saarburg Germany / Cottbus Germany / Offenbach Germany / Kassel Germany / Köln Germany / Hilden Germany / Hilden Germany / Dortmund Germany / Ahlen Germany / Berlin Charlottenburg Germany / Braunschweig Germany / Hannover Germany / Cloppenburg Germany / Rostock Germany / Hamburg Denmark / Copenhagen Denmark Austria / Salzburg Austria / Marchtrenk Austria / Vienna Slovakia / FitLine® DSC Bratislava Poland /Warsaw Poland / Sopot Poland / Poznan Poland Bulgaria / Plovdiv Bulgaria / Sofia Turkey Lithuania / Vilnius Latvia / Riga Ukraine Russia / Krasnodar Russia Finland Sweden Norway Chile Brasil Mexico / ATIZAPAN DE ZARAGOZA US South US North Canada Australia Italy / Desio

The company's international headquarters is based in Luxembourg, with regional Headquarters in Europe, Asia and Americas.

International Headquarters, Luxembourg

Headquarters Europe, Germany

Headquarters Asia-Pacific, Singapore

Headquarters Americas, Florida, USA


Our scientific experts team

The scientific expert team consists of experienced experts with different special knowledge.

With this know-how, PM-International ensures that the product quality always meets the highest requirements – from the formulation to the production.

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Dr. Tobias Kühne

Chief Scientifc Officer of the entire FitLine Product Line; international expert speaker for product academies, national, and international congresses of PM-International.

Professor. Dr. Manfred Eggersdorfer

Professor of Healthy Aging at the University Medical Center Groningen (NL). Scientific focus is the study of the role of essential nutrients in health, vitality, and well-being. Former long-time head of the research and development department for vitamins at Roche and DSM.

Professor Dr. Julian Weghuber

Professor of molecular cell physiology and principal investigator Biologist with a scientific background in biophysics. Head Center of Excellence Food Technology and Nutrition at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (FH OÖ).

Dr. Jürgen Reimann

Publicly appointed and sworn in expert for the delimitation of medicinal products/food, food supplements and dietetic foods. Specialized pharmacist for drug information and pharmaceutical analytics.

Dr. Peter Pfortner

Certified food chemist; attorney at law specializing in foodstuffs and cosmetics.

Dr. Rudi Wajda

A graduate chemist. Developer of carrier systems based on natural products for cosmetics and food supplement.

Dr. Bernard Cher

Asia Pacific Director of Science. Doctor of immunology and molecular diagnostics. An avid athlete, passionate about nutrition and product innovation.

Dr. Raimund Abele

Head of Product Safety at PM-International.

Dr. Marcus Iken

Manager Research and Science at PM-International, Doctor of Oecotrophology, nutritional scientist and international speaker.

Horst Meinhardt

Developer and expert for cosmetic formulations and process engineering

Wilhelm Messer

Director of Product Development for the FitLine® product line at PM-International

Torsten Weber

Director Sports Marketing at PM-International

Katrin Seifarth

Management trainer, expert in marketing and brand development.

Anja Wunder

Director of the FitLine® cosmetic product line at PM-International.

Markus Herrmann

Manager Product Development and Laboratory. Business Chemist with focus on the development of product concepts for nutritional supplements.