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Healthy in Shape with FitLine ProShape – Interview with Corinna Werner

Published: 15/01/2019

There are countless reasons for losing weight. Health should always be your #1 motivation. Some do it to feel more comfortable in their own skin, like moms who struggle with their after-baby bodies. However, pursuing dangerous socially constructed ideals, should never be one of the reasons. Instead, let your weight-loss goals reflect a conscious and healthy lifestyle.

Corinna Werner, 38 years old, is a health expert and nutritionist. It’s her job and passion to deal with exercising and physical health on a daily basis. She guides others on their weight loss journeys and acts as a role model for a healthy and sustainable weight loss. Not only has she lost 8 kg (slimming down 10 cm on the waist and another 10 cm on the thighs), but she’s also been able to keep the weight off sustainably ever since. Let’s find out how she did it and how the FitLine ProShapes helped her.

What was your motivation to lose weight and how did you do it?

To be honest, it wasn’t even a conscious decision. As a health expert and nutritionist I help others reach their weight loss goals. I give them tips and tricks, but my busy schedule doesn’t allow me to practice what I preach as much as I’d like. It’s also tough to stick to a meal plan, because I’m on the road a lot and don’t have much time to spend in the kitchen to prepare breakfast. At some point I took the ProShapes on the road with me instead of buying something (which in most cases ends up being an unhealthy choice) and that’s when my weight started to drop.

Which meals did you replace with the ProShape All-in-1?

Usually, I replace the rush of breakfast at home with a hassle-free ProShape breakfast in the car, on my way to work. Other times, I replace either lunch or dinner. From time to time, I even feast a whole day. That’s when I replace all three meals. By the way, my absolute favorite is the Soya Cappuccino with oat milk: 4 spoons with 500ml.

How do you keep the weight off?

I love to eat. People often ask me: Do you exercise so much because you eat a lot. Or do you eat a lot because you exercise so much. Sometimes both reasonings apply. But most importantly, healthy weight loss is all about finding a healthy mix: a balanced diet, varied and well proportioned meals, plenty of exercise (8,000-10,000 steps per day) and strength exercises once in a while.

What kind of sports do you like doing the most?

I’ve been doing sports all my life. I started off doing children’s gymnastics and ballet, rhythmic gymnastics when I was young, later on I played handball. So, I’ve always enjoyed exercise and sport. Today, I like to go running (max. 5 km) because I can do it anywhere and without equipment. Otherwise I also do strength exercises with nothing but my own body weight and play tennis.

Corinna believes: “Health is a gift you should give yourself.” We absolutely agree. Give yourself the gift of health and join the Shape Challenge with Rolf Sorg today.