Vision of the Company

Rolf Sorg started off as a car mechanic, fascinated by direct marketing and during his first three years sponsored an average of at least 10 business partners a month.

In 1993 he founded the company “P.M. Cosmetics GmbH“, the forerunner of today’s PM-International AG that is currently represented in over 30 countries.

Even as the CEO of PM-International, German born Rolf Sorg has remained down to earth, and accessible. His eyes shine when he talks about his ideas, PM-International and its high-quality food supplements and cosmetics for heath, fitness and beauty.

He is still thrilled at the possibilities that open up to everyone in this business, independent of their personal background and it is still important to him today to live this business as a role model every day.

Rolf Sorg's Vision
Rolf Sorg's Vision