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25 Years of Success

Published: 12/06/2018

MANNHEIM – On June 8 and 9, PM-International hosted a two-day celebration in honor of its 25th anniversary.

An evening gala at the Schwetzingen Castle kicked off the exclusive weekend on Friday. A gala dinner on the fairy-tale castle grounds was accompanied by an orchestra, a performance by the famous electric string quartet Escala, and spectacular fireworks.

The festivities continued the next day at the World Management Congress. 13,000 guests from all over the world came to the SAP Arena in Mannheim to celebrate PM-International’s 25th birthday, together with company founder and CEO Rolf Sorg, his wife Vicki and distinguished guests: His Imperial Highness Prince Fushimi no miya ō Hiroaki from Japan and Germany’s former Secretary of Defense Rudolf Scharping, for example. Another honorary guest was network marketing legend Larry Thompson, who has been in the business for 50 years in the business and who has helped to build many network-millionaires. In the end, the sheer number of news, thrilling innovations, special announcements, and magical moments at the event was unparalleled.

The opening with the flag parade sent the first shivers down the spine. 40 Representatives of each PM-country entered the arena to the sound of thousands of cheering choirs. More tugs at the heartstrings followed throughout the evening. Touching words of the deepest gratitude brought on a standing ovation for Rolf Sorg’s parents, Hedwig and Dieter Sorg. And a declaration of love moved his wife Vicki to tears.



In an inspiring keynote address, Rolf Sorg honored the team effort behind the company’s incredible global growth rate. Additionally, he also painted a clear vision for the future:

“25 years of PM-International, that means 25 years of passion for premium quality, top-performance, innovation, and product safety. I am very proud of our success. We owe it first and foremost to our dedicate Team Partners, leaders, and employees that trust us and grow with us. We would never have made it this far without them and for that I am deeply grateful. I want to continue this journey and see how our products, our concept, and the people behind it keep on creating well-being and opportunities worldwide.”


Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tobias Kühne, presented the latest product innovation: FitLine Omega-3 Vegan with the unique microSolve® technologyIt is the first product of this kind worldwide. The plant-based nutrition supplement is extracted from micro-algae instead of the commonly used fish oil. You won’t be bothered by an unpleasant fishy flavor, when using this organic product. Thus, it is the perfect solution for vegetarians, vegans, or people who avoid fish in their diet, to get the daily supply of omega-3 fatty acids.

Wires were already burning up after the sales release of the new Omega-3 Vegan. Things got even more heated, with the announcement of the newest technological innovation: our very own FitLine emojis – the FitMojis, available on Google Play and the App Store. They turn your daily routine into magical moments. The app allows you to share the newly designed collection of L-touch emoticons with friends and family on the go, everywhere. See your favorite FitLine products transformed into colorful superheroes.


Making the world a better place beyond its day-to-day business – that’s a commitment PM-International holds dear to the heart. Charity Ambassador, Vicki Sorg, took the stage to give an update about the company’s long-term cooperation with World Vision. 25 years down the road, PM-International is looking to sponsor 25,000 children. But for now, one of the main objectives until the end of 2018 is to sponsor 1,800 children. That means supporting an additional 500 children around the world. This would allow us to create our own PM-World Vision-Area Development Program (ADP), expanding and intensifying our social engagement. ADPs focus on distinct geographical areas and partner up with local stakeholders to improve the well-being of children. PM-International is the largest corporate sponsor of World Vision and looks forward to taking the partnership to the next level. So, let’s create a future full of hope!

Vicki also had another appearance on stage with singer Miss Kavila. They performed the new PM-song Family of Power together. After the first beats, the whole arena was on its feet dancing to the catchy melody and singing along to:

????The family of power
This is where you belong
Every minute, every hour
you feel safe and strong
in the family of power.????


Let’s not forget about the recognition of 523 Team Partners live on stage. It is a tribute to their incredibly hard work. Their success is our success, which makes it all the more important to honor their achievement. A very special moment certainly was the introduction of a whole new distribution level Platinum Champions League. Joachim Heberlein set a new record and became the first PCL. He made his way down an aisle lined with red balloons and cheering colleagues, only to be received on stage by his parents, wife, and two sons, who are also in the business. Vicki and Rolf Sorg congratulated him and honored his great achievement. Untiring dedication and an incredibly strong will have taken him to where he stands today.

Inspiring show acts complemented the program. Boogie Storm brought white storm-trooper suits and an engaging choreography to the stage. Known from the show Britain’s Got Talent (3rd place), they ignited the audience on the spot. Sofie Dossi’s contortions have previously stunned judges Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum on America’s Got Talent. On this night, Sofie wowed PM-International’s birthday guests with her performance, just like trampoline artist Vladimir.

The big after show party was a worthy finale to the anniversary. This was without a doubt the biggest event PM-International has hosted so far during its 25 years of business. It is sure to go down in history. But rest assured, PM-International will always aim higher and further, so bigger things are in store!