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Indonesia Welcomes "PM We Care"

Published: 04/05/2018

Since 2018, PM-International proudly sponsors 1,300 children all around the world. This is only possible thanks to the generous contribution of our Team Partners and customers. Not only the children, but also their families, and communities benefit from our cooperation with the organization World Vision. Together, we work towards implementing sustainable solutions for the development of infrastructure, education, sanitation, and self-sufficiency.

Because Education and Health Should Not be a Luxury

In April 2018, PM-International’s Charity Ambassador Vicki Sorg traveled to Indonesia. She visited 90 of our sponsored children in the West Manggarai District on the Island of Flores. The greatest developmental issues in this area are education and health. Therefore, PM-International commits to improving local schools and health centers. During her stay, Vicki convinced herself of the progress of regional projects.

“I wouldn’t want to miss this trip! It means the world to me, coming here and seeing what these kids go through every day. Your donations really get to where they need to go. Looking in these children’s eyes and seeing that we’re making a difference is absolutely priceless.” (Vicki Sorg) 

The region is set in a secluded countryside, with no infrastructure or electricity. The main source of income is the cultivation and trade of rice and coffee. As part of their family responsibility, most of the children have to help their parents work on the fields. However, the local villages and the parents also embrace the importance of education. That’s why every child’s other responsibility is to go to school.

Imparting Essential Life-Skills

The charity program has implemented an interactive teaching and learning process. During a visit at the primary school of Rangga, Vicki saw how kids learn about local values and essential life-skills. The importance of water, for example – how it is the source of life, needs to be kept clean, and is vital for the irrigation of plants.

Change of setting: The local health care center in the village of Ponto Ara, teaches how to properly wash hands, to stay healthy. Supported by two midwives from the city, it also offers assistance during childbirth. Additionally, it educates women about the right nutrition during pregnancy and nutritious food for their newborns to gain weight. Finally, women also learn how to cultivate gardens and grow their own food.

Every Single Child Counts

A highlight for all of the children was a colorful birthday party with delicious cake and gifts. Vicki brought gifts for all of the 90 kids. And also for the others who aren’t sponsored by us. Because no one should be left empty-handed. The gift-set included a backpack, dried apple chips, a toothbrush, a metal box with a set of wooden colored pencils, a sharpener, an eraser, and also a bright yellow T-shirt.

Vicki’s trip showed how far the region has come already with the help of PM-International and World Vision. However, there’s plenty of work left. With your continued support, we hope to keep making the world a better place, step by step.