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Start-Up 25 - Become More Independent

Published: 12/07/2021

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney

2020 turned out the be one of the most unexpected years, with many changes inevitably affecting our lives – whether we wanted it or not. However, every change brings opportunity, and every challenge can bring out the best in us.

At this year’s World Management Congress, we introduced the new Start-Up 25, which is a tailor-made solution and amazing opportunity for those up to 25 years old, willing to take matters into their own hands.
We are glad to see more and more younger people start a business wit PM-International, and with this attractive entry into the business world we want to empower them. That is why we created Start-Up 25 –  a great business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who value their freedom and independence.

Start-Up 25 – a personalized business starter-pack

How Can You Use This Opportunity

With our new solution, you will start out on your own with a 25% discount on your personalized business starter-pack. With PM you have the perfect business partner to fulfill your own and your customers’ needs.

This is an opportunity for you to develop and grow your business. You can help others live a better life, and you can pursue your own dreams.

It’s never been easier to become more independent. You have nothing to lose because there is no risk involved.

Click here and learn more about our new tailor-made business solution Start-Up 25!

João Baptista, Portugal

„My name is João and I am a physiotherapist. I always try to help people to achieve their goals, through the tools I have. I just joined PM-International. From now on, I will rely on the FitLine products as one of those tools, for purposes such as improving the life quality of my customers, my family and myself, or supporting the performance and recovery of my athletes. I used the opportunity that the new registration with Start-Up 25 gave me to start easily.“ João Baptista, Portugal