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PM Helps: 200,550 EUR and Supplies to Support Health Workers, Helpers, and Families in Spain

Published: 16/04/2020

PM-International is donating 1 million EUR to help people most affected by the current situation. As a first step, we have donated 200,550 EUR as well as protection gear and relief items to support coronavirus relief efforts in Spain. We are working closely with the relief, development, and advocacy organization World Vision. For the first time in its history, World Vision has declared a Global Health Emergency Response.

Help to set up two field hospitals

Spain is currently among the countries most affected by the current situation. As intensive care units are reaching capacity in the Community of Madrid and other regions, World Vision is contributing to the installation and equipment of field hospitals in Madrid.

At a food & social assistance center © World Vision

Of our total donation, 200,550 EUR support the COVID-19 emergency response of Doctors of the World Spain in collaboration with World Vision through two field hospitals in Madrid, the most affected area in Spain. The donation will cover running costs for staff, protection gear and supplies.

At the field hospitals in Madrid. 

In addition, PM-International is donating 1,000 1-liter bottles of disinfectant and 20,000 vinyl gloves to Jupol ( Justicia Policial) Madrid. They will be used for the police’s own daily work as well as provided to local medical workers and firefighters.

Food support to most vulnerable families throughout Spain

In order to give food support, we have donated 10,000 FitLine Power Meal bars. They first bars have been dispatched to Spain on April 14. Through the network of World Vision, we are supporting seven local food & social assistance centers throughout Spain, that are facing an increased need right now. 

FitLine Power Meal bars, ready for shipping to Spain

“We are very thankful for PM-International’s long-term social commitment and support to improve the lives and futures of the most vulnerable children, families and communities in the world. We appreciate their quick action and contribution to our Global Health Emergency Response,” says Javier Ruiz Gaitán, CEO of World Vision Spain. “With manpower around the globe, our long-term partner World Vision is in a strong position to respond quickly and efficiently. With our donation, we want to help those who are helping others. It’s a small contribution to a global challenge, but the more people and companies are standing up to support now, the stronger we will come out in the end,” says Vicki Sorg, Charity Ambassador of PM-International.

Help where it is needed the most

With our charity program PM We Care, we engage in charity projects for almost 20 years. As the largest corporate sponsor of World Vision, PM-International supports 2,300 sponsored children, their families and entire communities in more than 60 regional development projects around the world, including Ghana, Cambodia, and India.