Sepp Kubli

Schweiz | Bob, - President of Swiss Sliding

“With 34 medals at the Winter Games, Swiss Sliding is the most successful Swiss winter sports federation. We began rebuilding our squad around three years ago, and now have a strong group of up-and-coming athletes. These young athletes are our primary focus. Their health and their well-being are a priority. This includes balanced nutrition with first-class products. That is why we decided in 2012 to provide a long-term supply of FitLine products to all of Swiss Sliding’s athletes. The company’s broad product range supports optimal nutritional intake, improves recovery times, and reduces the risk of injuries. In addition, the products are easy to digest. Swiss Sliding would like to thank FitLine for our great partnership, and we look forward to good continued collaboration”.

We have been using FitLine products since January 2012, and regularly use FitLine Basics, PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Fitness-Drink, Joint-Health and all of the bars. Our FitLine advisor is PM-International AG (Switzerland).

Our major sporting successes:

  • Winter Games:
  • 11 x Gold medals
  • 10 x Silver medals
  • 13 x Bronze medals