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FitLine Athleten - Unser lebender Beweis

Sportler, Vereine und Sportverbände auf Elite-Niveau glauben an unsere FitLine-Produkte und wir glauben, dass eine Spitzenleistung nur durch eine ganzheitliche Produktpalette für Nahrungsergänzungsmittel erreichbar ist.


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Ivan Dodig

Russland, Tennis

Since I started taking FitLine products I felt very much faster recovered from an injury as expected. I take all my FitLine products daily and I feel that my body likes it. I have more energy and better endurance while practicing and in tough matches. I feel more focused and balanced. Important in our sport tennis is fast recovery and regeneration and the products help a lot to reload my batteries. I am taking the products every day also when I have a day off to be preparaed for next training session and matches.

I've been using FitLine products since April 2015 and regularly use:
FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Fitness Drink, ProShape2go White Choco Slim, Protein Ultra, ProShape Amino, Antioxy, Basen PLus, Restorate

My latest greatest sports achievments:
2019 Winner Cincinnati Masters doubles, Winner French Open mixed doubles, Winner Wimbledon mixed doubles
2018 Winner Double BMW Open Munich, Winner Double Chengdu Open China, Final Double Geneva Open, Semi final double Rotterdam, semi final double Dubai, Semi final double Halle, Semi final double Beijing, Semi final double Stockholm
2017 Winner ATP 500 German Championships Hamburg, Finale ATP 1000 Masters Montreal, Finale ATP 1000 Masters Rome, Finale ATP 500 Rotterdam, Quarter-Finals: Cincinnati, Washington, Umag, London, Roland Garros, Madrid, Monte Carlo, Miami, Melbourne
2016 Daviscup Finale Zagreb, ATP World Tour Final London, ATP 1000 Masters Cincinnati winner doubles, ATP 1000 Masters Toronto winner doubles
2015 Grand Slam Champion Roland Garros in Doubles; Word No 1 in Doubles Team (/Marcelo Melo); Singles: Quarter Finals in Qatar and Istanbul and Semi Final in Ilkley UK
2014 Double Finals in Qatar, Monte Carlo, Tokyo, Toront; ATP Tour Final London, Vice World Champion in Doubles (/Marcelo Melo), Singles: Quarter Finals in Marseille and Zagreb
2013 Best ATP Single Ranking No. 29, Singles: Semi Final in Tokyo, Eastbourne and Munich, Doubles: Titel win Shanghai Masters, Final Wimbledon, Final Zagreb, Semi Final US Open
FitLine Team: Patrick Kohler & Lutz Lorenz

Stanislav Horuna

Ukraine, Karate


I started using the FitLine products for my everyday training and the preparation before a competition. From everything I ever tried before the FitLine products suit me the most. In the morning I take FitLine Activize, Basics and Munogen. For my full recovery* I use FitLine Restorate before I got to sleep. Altogether they improve my immune** and digestive system*** as well as the energy level****. I can feel the effect after using them immediately. They help me to stay energized and well during long periods. That is why I can recommend the products, because I think they are the best supplements for professional athletes.

*rich in Magnesium - contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system and to normal muscle function
**Vitamin A, C and selenium contribute to normal functioning of the nervous system
***Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes
****B-vitamins (Thiamin B1, Niacin B3, Riboflavin B2, Pyridoxin B6, Pantothenic acid B5 and Biotin B7) contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism.

I've been using FitLine products since January 2020 and regularly use:
FitLine PowerCocktail, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate, Munogen

My latest greatest sports achievments:
2019 Champion European Games, Bronze Medal European Karate Championships
2018 Bronze Medal European Karate Championships
2017 Silver Medal European Karate Championships, Champion World Games
2014 Bronze Medal World Championships, Silver Medal European Championships
FitLine Team: PM-International Ukraine

Carmille Wong Sze Yen

Malaysia, Kraftsport

I first came across FitLine through a relative about one and a half years ago. Having seen the positive results on my husband’s performance and recovery as he started with FitLine products first, made me trust the quality of the FitLine products. My favorite FitLine products are Basics added with Activize. Basics really improved my fitness which leaves me feeling fresh and recharged. Activize keeps me energized throughout the whole day, and I am able to focus on my daily job and continue training after work. All the hard work paid off with consistency and the right support. I felt so proud standing on the podium winning Gold in squat discipline for Malaysia in the recent Asian Classic Powerlifting Championships in my weight class. I never imagined I would win gold. FitLine products stand true to it´s claim in both performance and recovery for athletes with a full-time job. I am truly grateful for FitLine.

I've been using FitLine products since 2017 and regularly use:
FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate

My latest greatest sports achievments:
2017 Gold Medal Asian Championship squat, Bronze Medal Asian Championship bench, Bronze Medal Asian Championship deadlift, Bronze Medal Asian Championship overall
FitLine Team: PM-International Malaysia

Offizielle Partner für Nahrungsergänzung

FitLine, der offizielle Nahrungsergänzungslieferant:

FitLine - Vor, während & nach dem Sport

Doping-Sicherheit für maximales Vertrauen

Sportler, Verbände und Teams schätzen unser Engagement für Produktsicherheit und sind zuversichtlich, dass die Zusammenstellung hochwertiger Inhaltsstoffe ihnen hilft, ein neues Höchstniveau zu erreichen.

Alle FitLine Nahrungsergänzungsmittel stehen auf der Kölner Liste. In dieser Liste werden Produkte veröffentlicht, die von den weltweit führenden Labors für die Analyse von Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln für Dopingsubstanzen getestet wurden.

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