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Carmille Wong Sze Yen

Malaysia |Kraftsport, - Gold Medal Asian Championship squat

I first came across FitLine through a relative about one and a half years ago. Having seen the positive results on my husband’s performance and recovery as he started with FitLine products first, made me trust the quality of the FitLine products. My favorite FitLine products are Basics added with Activize. Basics really improved my fitness which leaves me feeling fresh and recharged. Activize keeps me energized throughout the whole day, and I am able to focus on my daily job and continue training after work. All the hard work paid off with consistency and the right support. I felt so proud standing on the podium winning Gold in squat discipline for Malaysia in the recent Asian Classic Powerlifting Championships in my weight class. I never imagined I would win gold. FitLine products stand true to it´s claim in both performance and recovery for athletes with a full-time job. I am truly grateful for FitLine.

I’ve been using FitLine products since 2017 and regularly use:
FitLine Basics, Activize Oxyplus, Restorate

My latest greatest sports Achievements:

  • 2017 Gold Medal Asian Championship squat, Bronze Medal Asian Championship bench, Bronze Medal Asian Championship deadlift, Bronze Medal Asian Championship Overall

FitLine Team: PM-International Malaysia