Quality, Safe and Reliable

Over 400 million products sold that are appreciated and being regularly used by millions of customers worldwide confirm that we are on the right road with our way of understanding safety and customer satisfaction.

All our products are „Made in Germany” and are manufactured according to GMP guidelines (Good Manufacturing Practice), a standard of the pharmaceutical industry. This guarantees the utmost purity and maximum quality.

Premium, for us, implies transparency and quality. This is the reason why our product quality is regularly independently tested by TÜV SÜD ELAB. As independent laboratory service provider with a long standing experience in food-, water-, and environment-analyses, TÜV SÜD ELAB assists us with professional counsel for the quality assurance of our products. The independent analyses of selected parameters performed by TÜV SÜD ELAB on a regular basis complement our own product controls and help us to improve the quality of our products even more.

FitLine products are highly sought after by top athletes around the world (link to sport overview) as they are tested for doping substances and included on the exclusive Cologne list. This list publishes the nutritional supplements with minimal doping risks as they have been tested for forbidden substances.

All the FitLine nutritional supplement products are on the Cologne List. That list publishes products that have been tested by one of the world’s leading laboratories for analyzing nutritional supplements for doping substances. More information can be found under www.koelnerliste.com