Q10 Plus

Q10 Plus

267.50 RM

891.66 RM / 100ml


Coenzyme Q10 participates in a large number of vital processes and provides an important building block for the provision of energy to each individual cell in our body, particularly for people who have an imbalanced diet, with stressful lifestyles or high physical and athletic performers.

  • Stimulates energy production in cells hence improves performance
  • In micellized liquid form for greater bioavailability up to 10 times higher than with capsule or other liquid products (NTC®)
  • Improves the energy supply to the heart muscle, thus increasing the cardiac performance to protect against cardiovascular diseases (palpitations, arteriosclerosis, hypertonicity)
  • Improves the cell membranes ability to perform the optimum exchange of nutrients, oxygen and waste that is necessary to keep cell membranes young (anti-aging)
  • Only natural ingredients, highest product stability without preservatives
  • Unique MicroSolve ® technology


One portion per day. Mix 18 drops (1 ml) of FitLine® Coenzyme Q10 Plus & Vitamin E into any optional beverage.


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