Fitness Drink (Sachet)

Fitness Drink (Sachet)

266.25 RM

59.16 RM / 100g


FitLine ® Fitness Drink is especially designed for athletes and people active in sports. The valuable contents in the FitLine® Fitness Drink are ideally designed and absorbed in the best and most possible gentle way through NTC®.

  • Enhances performance ability and accelerates regeneration of energy after sport/exercise
  • Supplies the body with all B-vitamins for energy gain and improves concentration
  • Provides many antioxidative protective substances - provitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E - to protect against free radical attack
  • With micellized provitamin A and vitamin E for better and more gentle absorption
  • Improves fluid and mineral intake isotonically to adapt to high demands
  • Better bioavailability through exclusive Nutrient Transport Concept


One portion per day. Dissolve the content of One bag (30g) in 500 ml of still water.


Climbing by bicycle and arriving before the others is priceless! Thanks Fitness-Drink!

Mary Medolago

Before using Fitness-Drink I felt tired or I wasn't able to fully recover after a sport activity I did the day before... Since I am using Fitness-Drink while I am preparing for physical activity and afterwards and I have excellent performances during the sport, but what matters most is that I recover immediately and I don't feel tired! I am training for the half marathon and I am sure I will reach the goal.

Lucia Siervo

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