Schlanktee (HerbaSlim Tea)

Schlanktee (HerbaSlim Tea)

80.00 RM

80.00 RM / 100g


Fitline® Schlanktee (Herbalism Tea) is an unique herbal blend with a variety of harmonizing effects on losing weight and weight control. The natural ingredients in this unique blend reduces the craving for sweets, which helps to regulate appetite.

  • Provides the bladder and kidney system with fluid it requires to support the body’s metabolism
  • Supports kidneys’ excretory function to flush out waste and harmful substances (detoxification and water removal)
  • Detoxifies and purifies, act as a mild diuretic and supports weight control in a natural way
  • Acts as an alkaline tea which contributes to the balancing of acid-alkaline ratio in our body
  • Supports the body’s fluid balance
  • Consists of an unique mixture of high quality herbs
  • A delicious tea for everyone, also refreshing when cold



Drink three to five cups a day. Pour approximately 200ml of boiling water over one measuring spoon of FitLine® Schlanktee. Let stew for seven minutes and pour through a tea strainer.


For 3 years I have used, loved and shared Fitline products

Torunn Sund-Olsen

Once you tasted it, you will not stop drinking it. Especially ice cold it tastes great. It supports the fluid balance in the body

Ina Lill Rogg

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