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Snowboard (cross)

After a few weeks, I noticed many positive results from the FitLine products and have been thrilled with them since. After many years of competitive sports, I was able to achieve an increase of up to 10% in almost all areas of my performance with the FitLine products in this first pre-season. Something like this is usually not possible.

I've been using FitLine products since May 2013 and regularly use:

My latest greatest sports achievments:

  • 2018 Winner World Cup final, 3rd place overall world cup Team
  • 2016 X Games Bronze Medal in Aspen (USA)
  • 2015 X Games 5th place in Aspen (USA), German Champion
  • 2014 X Games Bronze Medal in Aspen (USA), 5th place total world cup
  • 2013 Member of DOSB Olympic TOP team Sochi, German Champion
  • 2012 German Champion, "Rider of the Year", Winner of the FIS World Cup SBX Valmalenco (Italy), 4th Place overall World Cup
  • 2011 Gold Medal Universiade
  • 2010 Participant in the Winter Games, Vancouver (Canada)

FitLine Team: Martin Majhenic

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Sports Catalog 2018
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FitLine Sportvideo Vol 10.0